Aanandi Baa Aur Emily [12th August 2022] Written Update

Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 12th August 2022 Written Update on writtenlab.com

The episode begins with Aarav discussing his concern with Jaman and asking what the latter intends to do in the event that Emily emerges victorious in the competition. He says that he doesn’t want her to be accepted by his family, especially Anandibaa, because if that happens, Emily will never move back to the United States, and he will never get the chance to fulfil his childhood dream of travelling to the United States. When he thinks about it, he begins to feel depressed, but Jaman tries to cheer him up by assuring him that Emily has no chance of winning the competition. Aarav conveys to Jaman the message that the latter is capable of anything, and he advises Jaman not to underestimate Emily. On the other hand, Jaman encourages him to forget all about the situation.

In this part of the conversation, Jaman fills Aarav in on some exciting information. He informs Aarav that his visa is almost ready to be picked up and asks Aarav to focus on it rather than Emily’s competition in order to avoid any complications. In the meantime, Aarav has come to the conclusion that it is in his best interest to undermine Emily’s efforts in the hopes that she will not be able to triumph in the competition and that, as a result, his family will not accept her.

Aarav returns to his home and is taken aback when he sees smoke coming from the chimney. While Emily and Pinky are unable to leave the kitchen, Sanghanis begins to feel concerned. Emily is questioned by Anandibaa regarding her decision to start the stove inside of the house. The latter responds that she was just practising for the competition so that she won’t mess up during the real thing.

Elsewhere, Aarav begins to worry about Emily, and because he doesn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to travel to the United States of America, he makes the decision to come to her rescue. Anandibaa makes an effort to stop him, but he pushes past her and enters the kitchen, where he works to put an end to the smoke. In addition, he saves Pinky and brings her out of the house, and then he returns to the house once more to save Emily. Unfortunately, he passes out from the smoke, and Emily has to carry him out of the room because she rescued him.

When Sanghanis sees Emily rescuing Aarav, he is astounded and wakes up. Emily has just saved his life. He expresses his appreciation for Emily and firmly believes that there is no limit to what she is capable of accomplishing. On the other hand, whenever Anandiba thinks about her blessing, which she has already bestowed upon Emily, she begins to feel anxious. She thinks about how her blessings have always come through for her and begins to feel anxious as she considers what might happen if Emily is successful in the competition.

In the future, Anandibaa will ask Gunjan to keep an eye on Emily, while Gunjan will reassure Anandibaa that Emily will never be able to make a sweet dish as good as Anandibaa. The former grins and appears pleased with Gunjan’s response before telling the latter that she cannot assist Emily in mastering the art of preparing sweet dishes with his assistance. While this is going on, Pinky devises a plan to get back at Emily by switching the labels on the kitchen ingredients. On the other hand, Gulab is assaulted by a group of women, and Aagya assists him in making his way back to their residence after the incident. When Kanchan sees him in this state, it causes her to feel shocked, and he then informs her about what happened.

Gunjan confronts Pinky at the same time that Pinky is revealing her plan to Gunjan. Pinky says that by switching the labels of the ingredients, Emily will be misled and will ruin her sweet dish by adding salt instead of sugar. Gunjan responds by saying that Pinky’s plan is a good one. Gunjan loses his temper with Pinky and declares that Emily isn’t stupid, implying that the latter won’t be able to tell the difference between the various ingredients and informing the former about a better plan. Gunjan’s frustration is understandable.

In addition, Emily insists that Anandibaa show her how to operate the stove, but she receives a negative response from her. Gunjan takes the initiative, but Anandibaa forbids her to teach later any sweet dish, and Gunjan is fine with that. Gunjan also agrees to Anandibaa’s ban. She then feigns support for Emily by providing her with an incorrect recipe and telling her that it is the same recipe that Anandibaa uses to prepare a sweet dish. Emily becomes ecstatic and expresses her gratitude to Gunjan, but she later takes back her expression of gratitude, claiming that it constitutes cheating. Gunjan is able to persuade Emily, however.


In the previous part of this recap, Emily informed Aarav about the recipe that she obtained from Gunjan. She reveals that it is the same method that Anandibaa employs in the preparation of the sweet dish. Emily calms Aarav’s concerns by reassuring him that there will be no incidence of cheating as he expresses his concern that it will be unethical. Aarav confides his concern in Jaman and then orders him to break into the house and steal the recipe in order to prevent Emily from coming out on top of the competition. Emily becomes concerned as the former steals the recipe and attempts to leave the house stealthily while she is doing so. When Gunjan finds out about the missing recipe, she is astounded and becomes worried that she will be discovered by Anandibaa. In the meantime, Anandibaa is successful in obtaining the recipe, and at that time she confronts Gunjan.

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