Aanandi Baa Aur Emily [13th August 2022] Written Update

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Emily is given a fake recipe for a sweet dish by Gunjan at the beginning of the episode. She proclaims that it is the same as Anandibaa’s recipe and assures Emily that she can win the competition if she makes the dish as mentioned on the recipe. Emily’s happiness causes her to express her appreciation to Gunjan, who she thanks. However, she is under the impression that doing so would constitute cheating, so she refuses to accept the assistance. Emily is able to receive some assistance from Gunjan after she is convinced by her that this action does not constitute cheating. Emily is subjected to her manipulation, and she is purposefully given an incorrect recipe. Emily expresses her gratitude one more time to Gunjan, and then leaves the location, all the while Gunjan insists that she not discuss it with anyone else.

In this part of their conversation, Gunjan fills Pinky in on her plan and predicts that Emily will fail the challenge because she will prepare a savoury dish rather than a sweet one. She makes the proclamation that soon Anandibaa will kick Emily out of the house, and then all of their problems will be solved. While this is going on, Emily is having a good time and gaining confidence that she can beat Anandibaa at their game.

Emily enters Aarav’s room and recalls Gunjan’s words to the effect that she will soon win the love of both Aarav and Anandibaa. During the time that Aarav is daydreaming about eating in the United States, she asks him what he plans to eat. He has made up his mind to ensure that Emily will come in last place in the competition in order to increase their chances of being evicted by Anandibaa and moving on to the United States.

Emily, in a different part of the conversation, pokes fun at Aarav’s dream and says that they will have to confine their lives to India. After he recovers from his surprise, he asks her what the reason is, and she tells him that she is confident that she will win the competition and impress Anandibaa. Aarav’s confusion leads him to inquire about the situation, and she responds by stating that the matter is off-limits.

When Aarav learns more about the situation, he begins to experience agitation, and he urges Emily not to keep any secrets from him. He also reminds her about the promises they made to one another before the wedding, and she is so taken in by his ruse that she starts talking about the recipe that Gunjan had given her.

Ahead of time, Aarav was aware that Emily should not be too confident in herself. After that, he tells Jaman about his problem and declares that he will steal the recipe. He then asks his friend for assistance, and the two of them break into the home in order to steal the recipe. Kanchan, on the other hand, attends to Gulab’s medical needs after the fight. In the meantime, at that time, Aagya comes there and smirks, stating that Anandibaa will teach him a lesson.

Gulab imagines Aagya and Anandibaa slapping him while Aagya makes a proclamation that Anandibaa will punish him for misbehaving with him. Aagya says that Anandibaa will. It turns out that it was just a dream, but he is spared a slap by Anandibaa because he was so excited about the prospect of Parimal’s mission being successful.

In addition, Aarav manipulates Emily’s thoughts while Jaman sneaks into her room. While Emily is in her room retrieving the recipe, he sneaks away with it and hides from her. She is taken aback when she realises that she cannot locate it, while Pinky discovers the information and informs Gunjan of it. The latter experiences astonishment and concerns themselves with the outcomes. At that time, Anandibaa arrives there and confronts her, all the while Gunjan is pleading for her to have mercy on her. On the other hand, Anandibaa has decided that Gunjan will be punished.


A recap: Emily can’t wait to make the delicious dessert, so she immediately begins to prepare the ingredients. Anandibaa, on the other hand, confides in Gunjan her belief that Emily is the one who stole the recipe. The latter wonder how Anandibaa could possibly have known about it. To which she responds by saying that Emily was very confident in her ability to win the competition, and she doubts that she definitely has the recipe. On the other hand, Jaman manages to ruin Emily’s recipe, and her reaction to seeing it is heartbreaking. She confesses to Aarav that she is no longer optimistic about her chances of winning the competition and implores him to assist her.

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