Aanandi Baa Aur Emily [15th August 2022] Written Update

Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 15th August 2022 Written Update on written

Gunjan learns at the beginning of the episode that Emily has misplaced the recipe that she had given to her. She has the dreadful notion that if Anandibaa obtains it, then she won’t spare her in any way. She starts praying to God, asking him to save her, just as Anandibaa enters the kitchen and confronts Gunjan. “Please save me,” she says. When the latter sees Anandibaa holding a piece of paper, they become alarmed because they believe it to be the recipe for the sugary dish. She immediately apologises for her error by apologising for falling on Anandibaa’s leg. The latter reacts with shock and then reprimands her for not considering her feelings earlier in the conversation. Gunjan implores Anandibaa not to punish her and to give her a chance, to which Anandibaa responds that Gunjan has broken her heart. Gunjan continues to insist that Anandibaa not punish her.

Anandibaa was about to start telling about the things that she had ordered for everyone when Gunjan removed her own things from the list, so she could talk about the recipe instead. Gunjan starts to feel confused, and then he notices the paper. The realisation that Anandibaa does not possess the recipe causes a sense of relief to wash over her. Anandibaa demonstrates her concern for Gunjan by stating that she never thinks about Gunjan’s requirements.

Gunjan puts on an act and claims that the only thing she wants from Anandibaa is her blessings, despite the fact that Anandibaa is adamant that she acquire the items for herself. She brags about how fortunate she is to have a mother like Anandibaa and claims that she doesn’t require anything else in her life, but Anandibaa is taken in by her words.

In another part of the story, Anandibaa says that she is lucky to have a daughter-in-law as good as Gunjan, but she is then concerned about the other women in the competition. She declares that if Emily wins it, she won’t leave the house and will ask Gunjan for her assistance in expelling Emily from their family if Emily wins the competition. Anandibaa is told to relax by Gunjan, who reassures her and explains that Emily won’t be able to prepare the dish in the same manner as Anandibaa does.

Emily’s disappointment at not being able to locate the recipe paper prompts her to continue looking in various places. Both Jaman and Aarav make an effort to keep it a secret from her, but it is Aarav who ultimately succeeds in doing so. She begins to feel uneasy as Pinky begins to turn on the fan and Emily discovers the paper. As Aarav and Jaman are making plans to destroy the recipe, she is filled with joy.

After learning that Emily is obtaining the recipe, Pinky makes her way into the kitchen. She observes Anandibaa discussing her concern with Gunjan and calls out to Gunjan, asking him to approach her. She hushes Gunjan and tells her that Emily located the recipe, but Gunjan responds that she was already aware of its existence. Gulab, in the meantime, enjoys playing with fire and decides to set fire to a few things inside the house. He tells Kanchan that if he does this, he will receive a slap from Anandibaa and will be able to finish the task that was given to him by Parimal. He then goes on to remind Kanchan about the previous incident.

Kanchan makes an effort to prevent Gulab from finishing his task, but Gulab is determined to succeed. While he is doing that, Jaman will go into Emily’s room and stealthily light the recipe. Then he will come back up. The latter reacts with shock and makes an effort to rescue it, all while Aarav acts as if he is concerned about the recipe. In the meantime, Anandibaa reprimands Gulab for his behaviour and becomes concerned as she observes Emily’s determination to come out on top of the competition.

In addition, when Emily sees the remnants of the recipe, she feels utterly devastated. She begins to sob as she prepares to leave the house and packs her belongings, all the while Aarav consoles her and makes the decision to assist her. He instils in her the belief that she is capable of easily preparing the dessert, and the two of them work together to make halwa. They both start to lose themselves in one another, while Jaman’s emotions are hurt by Aarav’s decision.


Anandibaa reviews the competition guidelines with Emily and requests that she vacate the premises. This leads to the previous scene’s conclusion. On the other hand, Gunjan smirks and says that only God can assist Emily in returning to their home once more. The latter suffers a broken body and scrambles out of there. She comes face to face with the priest when he challenges her to perform a challenging task in the hopes of earning favour with God. The latter prays to the god while standing on one leg in front of the idol of god, and he does so with complete focus. While she is in this state of elation, God himself appears before her at that very moment.

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