Aanandi Baa Aur Emily [17th August 2022] Written Update

Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 17th August 2022 Written Update on writtenlab.com

The first scene of the episode consists of Emily breaking the news to Anandibaa regarding the outcome of the competition. She then informs Anandibaa that she has indeed misplaced it, at this point Anandibaa becomes ecstatic and inquires as to whether or not Emily recalls their challenge. After she was informed that she had lost the halwa competition, the latter gave a positive nod and informed her that she needed to leave the house. Gunjan gives Emily a sly grin and then asks her to keep her word, while Emily is simultaneously pleading with Anandibaa to grant her a second opportunity. Anandibaa taunts Emily by saying that she doesn’t deserve to be the daughter-in-law of their house and asks her to go from there, while Pinky agrees to assist her in packing the things she needs to take with her, despite the fact that she keeps begging Anandibaa’s assistance.

When Emily reaches this point, she is completely discouraged and keeps pleading with Anandibaa for one more opportunity. Gunjan stops her and says that she will once again fail to prepare halwa and would also fail the tournament. She tells Emily that Anandibaa has a great deal of reputation in Gondal and that she can’t risk losing it because of her. She also mentions that Anandibaa has a lot of respect for Emily.

Emily’s feelings of hurt are exacerbated by Anandibaa’s comments, which cause her to grow anxious. While this is going on, Gunjan is explaining to Emily that only God can assist her in returning to their house, but Emily has an idea, so she dashes out of the house before Gunjan can finish her sentence. Gunjan, Pinky, and Anandibaa are all stunned, and they can’t stop wondering about where Emily could be going. In addition to this, she claims that the latter have not even taken her bags into their possession.

In a different part of the story, Aarav is becoming thrilled about his upcoming trip to the United States with Emily. He strikes up a conversation with Jaman and informs him about the situation, at the same time that Jaman requests that he bring him a number of items from the United States. While everything is going on, Aarav is breaking the news to Anandibaa that he has decided to accompany Emily. Anandibaa’s reaction is one of surprise. He declares that in order to keep the vows he made to Emily before and during their marriage, he is obligated to do so.

Gunjan reveals the divorce papers to Anandibaa and explains that they need Emily and Aarav’s signature in order to prevent Aarav from following Emily to the United States. Gunjan solicits and receives Anandibaa’s permission to disrupt Emily and Aarav’s wedding, and Aarav, for his part, feels a sense of pride in Gunjan’s accomplishments.

Up ahead, Gulab takes a man by the name of Bhagwaan into custody and demands that he give him back his money. The latter is able to escape away from there in some way, while Gulab makes multiple attempts to capture his attention but is ultimately unsuccessful. At that moment, Emily comes across him, and she inquires of him as to whether or not he is aware of where she might locate the God. He asked her to call out the name of God when they were inside the temple area, and he asked her to let him know when they were going to meet.

Emily complies with Gulab’s directions, during which time Bhagwaan emerges from the building, and Gulab immediately catches him. While this is going on, Emily is back at it with her search for God and has a discussion with Jaman about it. Meanwhile, a priest overhears their chat and leads Emily into the temple. He tells to her that the only time God will come to her aid and appear in front of her is when she does a difficult assignment for him.

Emily also decides to follow the priest’s directions when he asks her to concentrate in front of God while standing on just one leg. She begins to do it and continues praying even when there is a storm or rain outside. She proves herself worthy by passing the examination that God gave her, while Aarav continues looking for Emily and enlists Jaman’s assistance in his hunt. While this is going on, Lord Krishna makes an appearance to Emily because he is moved by her prayers, and after she sees him, she is overcome with awe and wonder.


Precap:- After entering the kitchen, Emily immediately begins preparing meals for Americans. Everyone in the family gets extremely enthusiastic when it’s time to eat one of her hand-made dishes, and she always makes sure to provide a wide variety of options. The meal is enjoyed by everyone, except for Anandibaa, who is taken aback by its appearance. She challenges Gunjan by inquiring whether or not she, too, has evolved. The latter triumphantly responds “yes,” to which the former questions. Emily requests that Anandibaa try the dish, but the latter responds negatively, claiming that she is unable to consume things that are traditional to the United States. While this is going on, Emily confronts her and demands that she give it to her. She announces that from this point on, she would have complete control over the household, which leaves Anandibaa speechless.

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