Aanandi Baa Aur Emily [19th August 2022] Written Update

Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 19th August 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

The Episode Start With:

Emily is feeling apprehensive about going into the kitchen for the first time. She gets on her knees before God and begs for his assistance, while simultaneously demanding that he show himself to her. At that point, he shows up, and she vents her anxiety to him while pleading with him to stay with her at all times so that she doesn’t make any blunders. Lord Krisha smiles and says that the first time Emily prayed to him, she was adamant to see him, but now she has fear within her. He goes on to say that this time, Emily is praying to him with fear. In order for her to make a good impression on Anandibaa, he recommends that she get rid of whatever nervousness she may be experiencing. While everything is going on, Emily admits that she has no idea how to cook, and as a result, she is really anxious about going into the kitchen.

In this passage, Lord Krisha makes the claim that he is able to foresee whether or not she would commit an error while she is working in the kitchen. Emily becomes delighted and urges that he do it as he asks her to select three oranges and asks her to balance them one upon the other. Emily insists that he do it. Even though she has anxiety, she continues to attempt to complete the task. She is unable to complete the chore because the orange rolls off the counter, and she makes the decision to avoid going into the kitchen on that particular day.

Emily gains a realisation from Lord Krisha that she must conquer all of her anxiety before entering the kitchen, and that this is the first step in doing so. It is only when she has complete trust not just in herself but also in him that she will be able to achieve the goals that she has set for herself, according to him. He walks away from there, and Emily continues to mull about the recommendation he gave her.

In a different place, Gunjan imitates Gulab’s voice and gives her a call. She acts as though Parimal is in control and gives Gulab and Kanchan a mission to complete. She inquired as to whether or not they would be capable of carrying it out. Kanchan then gives him the assurance that she won’t let him down in response. While Gunjan smirks triumphantly as her scheme comes to fruition, Pinky is relentless in her attempts to disrupt her.

Gunjan enjoys the sensation she gets when she imagines herself punishing Pinky, but in reality, Pinky is the one who probes Gunjan about what she was thinking. In response, Gunjan puts on a phoney smile and claims that she was harbouring romantic feelings toward Pinky all along. While everything is going on, Kanchan and Gulab are getting ready to play garba by putting on their costumes and starting the music. They continue to dance even when Anandibaa approaches and discusses her concern with Kanchan.

Anandibaa reveals that she has been fasting for the past 11 years, and that if her discipline is broken in any way, she will have to begin the practise all over again. Emily is a source of concern for her since she could screw things up. In the meantime, Gunjan acts as though she has been injured in order to get out of having to cook. In order to make a good impression on Anandibaa, she instructs Emily to prepare some delicious food for her. Meanwhile, Anandibaa is faced with a difficult decision. Emily is persuaded by Gunjan in some way to prepare chapati for Anandibaa, and Gunjan promises to assist her with the preparation.

Anandibaa does the cooking and cleaning for herself and double checks that everything is in working order before she rushes out the door. During this time, Gunjan arrives at the location, pretends to be concerned about Anandibaa, and claims that she is unable to see Anandibaa preparing food. Emily has expressed interest in preparing chapati for Anandibaa, and the latter is curious as to whether or not she will be successful in her endeavour. Emily is staring at Anandibaa as she speaks. After hearing this, Gunjan responds by saying that she will assist the other person.

In addition, Aarav can’t shake the feeling that he needs to be in the United States and continues to walk aimlessly across Jaman. At that moment, the latter inform Aarav about someone who is visiting her residence for the pag-phera ceremony. At that very moment, Aarav had an insight, and he decided to express his appreciation to Jaman. In front of Anandibaa, he performs the pag-phera rite as an excuse to ponder about travelling to the United States.


A woman asks Aarav whether he has seen her daughter-in-law and wonders if he knows where she is. He inquires about the photograph, but at that very moment, he receives a phone call from Jaman, which causes him to become preoccupied. The women continue their hunt for Emily while looking at her picture and looking for her. On the other hand, the same woman and her family enter Anandibaa’s home. Emily’s appearance causes joy for her kid when he sees her. While everyone is in shock, he makes the shocking revelation that Emily is not even her mother’s daughter; she is merely her mother’s daughter-in-law. Emily is looking at Sanghani, who is also in a state of shock. Sanghani stares at Emily.

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