Aanandi Baa Aur Emily [20th August 2022] Written Update

Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 20th August 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

The episode start with:

Jaman makes a request to Aarav, asking him to talk to Anandibaa and try to persuade her to let him and Emily travel to the United States. The later is afraid in order to lie to his mother and announces that he won’t be able to do it, but Jaman encourages him and states that it is his last chance to achieve his childhood ambition. The latter lies to his mother about his inability to complete the task. Aarav is inspired by his words, and he is then directed toward Anandibaa. Aarav attempts to strike up a conversation with her when she is ready to fast and continuing to pray while he does so. He demonstrates his concern for Anandibaa by pointing out that he can see that she is unhappy with Emily and stating this to her. Anandibaa glances at him and nods in agreement with his comments before asking what they can do about the situation.

Anandibaa is compelled to sit next to Aarav, who then takes both of her hands in his. He informs her that Emily has not finished all of the post-marriage ceremonies that she is required to do, and then he announces that he is going to take her to the United States. Anandibaa is taken aback and asks about the ceremonies, to which Aarav responds that only the Pag-phera rituals are remaining. Anandibaa’s anxiety increases as she considers the possibility of Aarav moving to the United States, but Aarav reassures her that he will be back soon.

Aarav reveals to Anandibaa that he will arrange a return flight before departing for the United States. He also declares that after returning from America in 4-5 days, he will take Emily to their cousin’s wedding, and that once the rainy season begins, he will keep her away until then. Anandibaa gives her blessing to his choice, and he feels elated as a result. Anandibaa offers an explanation for her absence by saying that she is attempting to finish her current fast.

Anandibaa asks Aarav to leave her alone so that she can maintain her fast because it is very significant to her. She is intent on completing her fast and prays that she will not encounter any obstacles along the way. When Emily goes to make chapati for Anandibaa, Gunjan gives her bad counsel and tells her to do something she shouldn’t. While Gunjan and Pinky grin to themselves as they consider their scheme, they watch the clock in anticipation of Emily’s arrival.

Emily is reprimanded by Anandibaa after the latter tells Anandibaa that Gunjan requested her to serve the chapati in such a little portion size. Anandibaa is surprised to find such a small portion of chapati on her plate. The latter steps forward, responds to Emily’s allegations by denying them, and then leads her into the kitchen. In order to make the large chapati’s, she asks Emily to seek assistance from the internet, and in the meantime, Emily prepares chapati’s in enormous quantities and gives them to Anandibaa.

Ahead, Anandibaa is taken aback when she sees the sizes of the chapati, and she starts to feel anxious about the fact that she has to finish all that is on her plate in order to fulfil the requirements of the fast. While Emily starts to feel down and walks back to the kitchen, she starts to become frightened but then starts eating it. When this occurs, Lord Krishna materialises in front of her and encourages her to keep putting in the effort.

Kanchan and Gulab continue to play dandiya, completely oblivious to the fact that Gunjan has tricked them. They also make an effort to listen in on the chat that Aarav and Anandibaa are having, but eventually Anandibaa manages to consume all of the chapatis and becomes very exhausted. While she is so exhausted from eating that she falls asleep at the table, all of her family members gather around her and encourage her to finish the very last bite of food.

In addition to this, Anandibaa is able to finish the food and is relieved that her fast will not be broken in any way. On the other hand, Gulab devours the ladoo before proceeding to share it with everyone else. Everyone is taken aback when they notice that Anandibaa’s plate has been contaminated with all of the ladoos. Emily screams at Anandibaa, explaining that in order for them to finish the fast, they need to finish all of the ladoos, while Anandibaa is left speechless.


A group of individuals enters Sanghani’s home, and the guy’s mood immediately improves upon seeing Emily. While he is telling his mother this, he is holding her hand and telling her that she has found her daughter-in-law. Anandibaa starts to wonder who he is taking, which leads to further confusion on her part. In response, he states that he is speaking about his wife Emily and then gestures towards her as everyone around him expresses surprise. Emily stares at them while appearing bewildered and astonished.

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