Aanandi Baa Aur Emily [22nd August 2022] Written Update

Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 22nd August 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

The episode start with:

Anandibaa attempting to consume the enormous chapatis, but ultimately succeeding in doing so. In the meantime, everyone at Sanghani’s is overjoyed, and Gulab hands out ladoo to everyone as a way to celebrate their good fortune. He hands it out to everyone, but as he does so, all of the ladoos fall onto Anandibaa’s plate, which causes everyone else to be surprised. Emily yells at Anandibaa, telling him that he is now responsible for consuming all of the ladoo, while Anandibaa stands there speechless. Aarav encourages and reassures his mother, letting her know that she is capable of achieving her goals. He also says that if she doesn’t want it, she can ignore it, but the later says that if she doesn’t eat it, then her 11 years of fasting will be in vain. She pushes herself to eat every last ladoo on the plate, despite the fact that everyone is getting concerned about how she is doing.

During this time, Aarav is taking care of Anandibaa when she is in pain as a result of consuming all of the food on her plate. She was unable to properly digest anything, which caused her to have problems falling asleep and staying asleep. While everything is going on, Aarav discusses the pagphera rite with Anandibaa. He says that he is aware that she is going through a lot of difficulties as a result of Emily, and that is why he wanted to take her away from Anandibaa for some time.

Aarav demonstrates his concern for his mother by making the proclamation that he does not want Emily to cause his mother any additional stress. While Anandibaa mulls over the situation, he makes an effort to convince her to let him travel to the United States of America and drops subtle suggestions in her direction. Eventually, she comes to the conclusion that she should keep Emily at a safe distance from herself at all times. Aarav’s request to travel to the United States of America with Emily is granted after she reveals that she agrees with the request.

In a different part of the building, Aarav is overjoyed to have received Anandibaa’s consent, and he dashes out of the room to get a head start on his preparations. Gunjan, on the other hand, overhears the conversation that took place between Aarav and Anandibaa. When she considers how she will be able to keep Aarav and Emily apart in the event that they go to the United States, she begins to experience a rising level of anxiety. In addition to that, she contemplates finding a way to prevent Aarav from travelling to the United States.

Emily expresses her thanks to God through prayer and thanks him for the assistance she has received. She claims that she always finds herself in some sort of difficulty, but that God always assists her in overcoming it and moving on with her life. In the meantime, Anandibaa asks Kanchan about Gulab, and Kanchan responds that Gulab went out. Anandibaa continues to probe Kanchan. Meanwhile, Emily extends her best wishes and congratulations to Kanchan on the occasion of her wedding anniversary.

In the next scene, Aarav expresses his elation to Jaman and tells him that his strategy was ultimately effective. In order for him to realise his ambition of travelling to the United States when he was younger, he makes the request that the latter obtain the visa as quickly as possible. In addition to this, he explains to Emily the pagphera ceremony and tells her that in order to finish it, they are going to need to travel to the United States.

Emily is looking forward to concluding the pagphera ritual at her home, so she is excited to go back there. She has expressed that she is looking forward to seeing her friends and neighbours. She talks about how happy she is, while Anandibaa makes up her mind to kick the latter person out of the house for good. On the other hand, Gulab travels there with his relative Payal, who, upon arriving there, is so enchanted by the couple’s residence that she decides to spend some time there.

Later on, Gunjan comes up with a plan to prevent Aarav from travelling to the United States with Emily. She engages in conversation with him and subsequently develops concerns regarding his strategy. In the meantime, a woman looks for her daughter-in-law and displays Emily’s picture for everyone to see. Aarav was going to take a look at the snapshot when it suddenly took flight, preventing him from doing so. While this is going on, the other woman overhears Emily’s voice and spots her inside Anandibaa’s house. Anandibaa is singing joyfully to herself as she thinks of Aarav.


The door to Anandibaa’s house is knocked on by a woman who is accompanied by her family. They ask them questions concerning her daughter-in-law and show them a picture of Emily. Emily’s appearance causes joy for her kid when he sees her. He then goes on to announce that Emily is her mother’s daughter-in-law, at which point everyone is completely taken aback. Emily is looking at Sanghani, who is also in a state of shock. Sanghani stares at Emily.

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