Aanandi Baa Aur Emily [24th August 2022] Written Update

Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 24th August 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

The episode start with:

Chirag’s family entering Anandibaa’s home, where Chirag’s mother immediately announces that they would be raising Emily as their son-in-law. Emily, along with everyone else, is taken aback, while Chirag’s mother, Harshaben, expresses her delight at the news that Emily has been found. Emily becomes puzzled and denies that she is the woman’s daughter-in-law as the former moves closer to the latter and starts to caress her face. While Anandibaa pulls Harshaben aside, Jahlpa steps forward and introduces themselves to the group. She claims that she is a neighbour of Harshaben’s and that she has witnessed both Harshaben and Chirag emotionally suffering ever since Emily left the home.

Harshaben reveals in this passage that Emily broke the windows in her home in order to flee after being married to her son and then eloping with him. She acknowledges that the impact of Emily’s disappearance is still having a traumatic effect on her and admits that they are really fortunate to have her back. She expresses her appreciation to Anandibaa for ensuring Emily’s safety throughout the time that they were separated.

Anandibaa puts a stop to everyone and announces that she won’t make a decision until she knows the complete truth. She turns her head to Emily and asks her about the situation, to which Emily responds that Harshaben and Jhalpa are both lying about the situation. She states unequivocally that Aarav is her one and only husband, and that she has never been married to anybody else.

In another part of the room, Harshaben begins to act and requests that Chirag be brought inside. While everyone is in shock at Chirag being confined to a wheelchair, she claims that he has been sick since since Emily left them. The later person looks over at Emily and all of a sudden begins to feel sensations. They then stand up from where they were sitting. Emily recoils in horror and begs him to keep away from her while he declares his love for her.

Aarav becomes livid with Chirag and his family for whatever reason. He speaks up for Emily and asks those bothering her to halt their behaviour against her. He asserts that Emily is just his wife and that no one else has any rights to her in any way, shape, or form. Anandibaa also states that how Emily and Aarav were married, to which Harshaben responds by declaring that Emily initially got married with Chirag, and therefore legally she is his wife alone as Aarav and Emily’s marriage is inadmissible.

Gunjan and Pinky are looking in their direction up ahead. They had a good time, and Gunjan insists that participating in the theatre is good for them. They laughed as they saw Emily go through the suffering brought on by the situation, and they made up their minds to kick Emily out of the house in order to make it simpler for Pinky to wed Aarav. After examining the situation, they come to the conclusion that they can benefit from it by utilising it in some way.

When Gulab sees Chirag, he is reminded of the mission that Parimal gave him to assist a person in need by granting him one desire. She comes to the conclusion that the only way to make Chirag happy is to grant his request and agrees to let him have Emily. She then tells Payal about Chirag’s intention. Emily is mocked by both of them for marrying boys, but Emily stands up for herself as the other two make fun of her. Anandibaa’s lack of support for Emily causes Aarav to lash out at her, while at the same time she asks Kanchan to bring Emily to the upper floor.

Further, Aarav goes to argue with Chirag’s family and tells them that Emily is his wife and that he won’t let her go. In response, Gulab confesses that they still sleep in separate rooms and haven’t started their married life together yet. In the midst of Aarav’s rage toward Gulab’s efforts to assist, the latter takes the children away. Aarav is encouraged by Jaman, who also encourages him to keep his hope alive. On the other hand, Anandibaa makes a proclamation about discovering the truth and makes a proclamation that she will expel Emily if it turns out that she is Harshaben’s daughter-in-law.


The assertion made by Harshaben and Jhalpa is that Emily wed Chirag before to Aarav’s wedding. She claims that Aarav and Emily are not married legally because Emily was previously married to Chirag and that Aarav is not Emily’s second husband. Anandibaa inquires about the evidence, to which Harshaben responds that no one will be able to prevent her from kidnapping Emily. Emily’s other hand is held by Anandibaa, who is preventing her from moving forward as she holds the other of Emily’s hands and drags the latter along with her. She announces that no one will be able to take her until everything is brought to light. She makes the proclamation that as long as she is still alive, she would not permit any female in Gondal to be subjected to any form of harassment.

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