Aanandi Baa Aur Emily [26th August 2022] Written Update

Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 26th August 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

The episode start with:

Inspector Sangeeta asks Emily to think back on the situations that have occurred in the past. The latter becomes agitated and insists that Aarav is the only spouse she has ever had and that she has no memory of ever marrying Chirag or even meeting his family. Aarav takes a position for Emily and asks Inspector Sangeeta to trust her; however, she becomes irritated with Aarav’s intervention and forbids him from commenting in the subject. While they are eyelocking each other, she declares that she can sense love in Aarav’s eyes for Emily. Emily and Aarav are the ones who are doing the eyelocking. Aarav insists that Emily is exclusively his, despite Inspector Sangeeta’s insistence that it is unethical for him to have feelings for someone else’s wife. Inspector Sangeeta believes that it is improper for Aarav to have such feelings. Inspector brings to his attention the fact that Chirag is also claiming to be Emily’s husband.

At this point, Inspector Sangeeta makes it clear that Aarav is under a strict obligation to maintain his distance from Emily until the investigation into the crime is over. He goes into shock and makes an attempt to go closer to Emily, but Sangeeta whips out a rod and forces Aarav to grasp it instead. She cautions him to keep his distance at all times from Emily, while Jaman is concerned about Aarav’s statement that what will happen to him if Inspector Sangeeta assaults him. He gives Aarav fair warning, but Aarav nevertheless follows Sangeeta’s instruction despite his reservations.

Gulab gathers Chirag’s family in one room and briefs them on his scheme before allowing them to go. He assists them in their fight against his family, and Gunjan takes note of him during this time. She then confronts him, but he insists that he won’t ever reconsider his choice and walks away from the conversation. He argues that she must be wondering why he is helping Chirag and his family instead of theirs, to which Gunjan both denies and supports him. He believes that she must be asking why he is supporting Chirag and his family instead of theirs. She advises him to also seek confirmation from Parimal on the matter.

Over in another location, Gulab is on the phone with Parimal as the latter remains mute. Gulab tells Gunjan about it, and Gunjan responds by telling Gulab that Parimal asked her to tell him that she wanted him to help support Chirag and Harsha’s family. In the meantime, she also meets up with them, and she divulges her crafty plan to them. They express their concern by claiming that they are concerned about being apprehended by the authorities, but Gunjan reassures them that there will be no adverse consequences for their actions.

Jhalpa has the courage to come out and admit that she is Chirag’s wife. Emily reassures her that her boyfriend’s affection is only reserved for her, while she declares that she can’t stand to have him around Emily. During this time, Gunjan tells them to concentrate on their plan, to which Harsha replies by bringing up their contract. She claims that Gunjan only paid them to labor for a short period of time, but it appears that the duration of their employment will be increased here. Gunjan provides assurance that everything will fall neatly into place very shortly.

Ahead, Chirag will share his feelings of love and devotion for his wife, Jhalpa, while Gunjan will caution her to finish the work she has been assigned. While Payal is asking Emily to keep reminiscing about the day she got married to Aarav, she makes the announcement that she is going to kick Emily out of the house. She asks her whether she remembers coming to the temple and meeting Chirag and his family. That, however, is not the case, according to Emily. She asserts that the only thing she can recall from her past is getting married to Aarav.

Aarav starts to feel concerned about the situation, but Payal insists that they keep thinking back on all that happened during the wedding. She inquires with all three of them regarding what transpired on that particular day, and they inform her regarding the things that took place. On the other hand, the man reveals to Chirag, his family, and the inspector that the inspector is familiar with her and is concerned about the possibility of being recognized by her. He asserts that he does not wish to go back to jail, whilst Gunjan is confident that everything will work out in their favor in the end.

In addition, Payal and Jaman are continuously formulating new ideas for a strategy to assist Aarav and Emily. On the other hand, the latter is seen sitting there in an anxious state. She can’t help but keep her gaze fixed on Aarav even as he tries to reassure her that everything will be well. While everything is going on, Jaman comes up with a plan and suggests that they should get Emily drunk once more and then follow her to determine whether or not she knows the way to the temple. This will shed light on whether or not she married Chirag. Payal is on board with Jaman’s proposition, and Aarav is happy to go along with it.


Chirag and his family go to the temple in order to perform the marriage ceremony for Chirag and Jhalpa. Gunjan stands with them and asks to complete the marriage as soon as possible, to which Jhalla shares her concern by adding that what if he will have to marry Emily as well. Gunjan also asks that the marriage be completed as quickly as feasible. Gunjan’s patience wears thin, and she suggests that they put the garlands around each other’s necks as a sign of solidarity. When Jhalla, Chirag, and Gunjan all saw Emily heading towards them at the same time, their hearts sank. Gunjan was also taken aback.

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