Aanandi Baa Aur Emily [27th August 2022] Written Update

Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 27th August 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

The episode start with:

Gunjan divulges her plan to bribe Chirag and his family in order to coerce them into behaving in front of Anandibaa. Pinky’s reaction to the news causes her to become speechless, and she expresses her appreciation for Gunjan by falling on top of her sister’s legs. She expresses her gratitude to Gunjan for performing the task for her and then declares that Emily will not be able to be rescued from the situation. Gunjan gives a smirk and says that she will see to it that Anandibaa kicks Emily out of the house as soon as possible so that Pinky can take Emily’s place as the new housekeeper. During this time, she also calls Nandu and discusses her upcoming action with him over the phone. She first ensures that he is aware that he will be required to snap pictures of Chirag and Jhalpa within the temple, and then she modifies the bride’s pictures so that Emily’s face is superimposed on them.

In this part of the story, Nandu gives Gunjan his word that he will assist him and then gets ready for the photograph. In the meantime, Pinky is concerned about what will happen if Gunjan is discovered, or if Chirag’s family admits the truth, so revealing Gunjan along with them. Pinky is concerned that her sister might also get caught, and she expresses this concern to Gunjan, who smirks and reassures Pinky that this would not occur.

Gunjan gives Nandu his word that Gulab won’t get in the way of their job, and then he requests that Nandu begin the surgery. While this is going on, Jaman puts something poisonous into Emily’s food and tells Aarav not to worry about it. The latter begins to feel concerned for Emily and wonders what would happen if Chirag’s charges were proven to be accurate. He declares that he is unable to bear the financial burden of losing Emily, to which Jaman responds by assuring him that they will unquestionably uncover the truth.

Payal tells Jaman to stop putting more substances inside Emily’s food and declares that it is already ready to intoxicate Emily. This occurs somewhere else. They hand it to her and ask whether she would like to eat it, all the while she becomes increasingly anxious. Emily, who had fainted in Aarav’s presence, consumes it while Aarav reassures her and states that it is the only way to get the truth about the situation.

Emily drinks a lot of alcohol and then begins to become disoriented while she is drunk. Both Aarav and Jaman make an effort to exert their authority over her, but she resists their attempts and begins to flee from them. Payal, along with Aarav and Jaman, shadows her wherever she goes and keeps a watch on what she does. They do not give up on following her, even though she laughs and talks to a variety of people. While Aarav is continuing to convey the problem to the people, she begins to behave in a strange manner.

In the next chapter, Gulab enters Anandibaa’s room and discovers her lying on the ground there. He is taken aback since he believes that she has passed away and immediately begins sobbing while seated. After that, Anandibaa wakes up and starts questioning him about what happened, which causes him to become terrified. After that, he reveals that he had the impression that she was no longer there, at which time Gunjan also arrives on the scene and sends Gulab out while giving some sort of excuse. The rescued Anandibaa expresses her gratitude to Gunjan.

While Gunjan serves tea to Anandibaa, the latter reflects on how fortunate she is to have Gunjan as a daughter-in-law. Gunjan thinks that Anandibaa is fortunate to have a daughter-in-law like Gunjan. A smirk appears on her face as she tells Anandibaa that she should consider herself fortunate to have her in her life. While all is going on, Chirag and Jhalpa are getting set to play the roles of the bride and groom. Gunjan gets the photographer ready to take their images and asks him to morph Emily’s face into Jhalpa’s pictures before they are taken. The latter begins to feel anxious while Gunjan tries to reassure her by asserting that no one will be able to keep her apart from Chirag now that they are married.

In addition, Payal asserts that she is completely knowledgeable of the effects of the drug and that she is always monitoring Emily’s behaviour. Additionally, she finds it frustrating to watch Emily engage in strange behaviours as they continue to pursue her. The later party arrives at the temple just as Chirag, along with his family and Gunjan, experiences a shock. They beg her for forgiveness, but they are quickly comforted when they realise that she is intoxicated. At that moment, Gunjan becomes aware of Aarav’s voice as he searches for Eniky and this causes her to become attentive.


Aarav is getting ready for the wedding that will be attended by Emily and Chirag. He makes the announcement in front of all of the guests that he would like to see Emily and Chirag’s wedding in person because he was unable to attend the previous one. Aarav’s plea is turned down by Jhalpa, who states that it is not going to be possible; Aarav then inquires as to the reason for this decision. He continues to be adamant about being a witness to the marriage, whilst Jhalpa continues to deny that it will take place. At one point, she comes clean and admits the reality, which is that Chirag is married to her, much to everyone’s astonishment. As a result of the success of their strategy, Gunjan starts to feel anxious, although Aarav and Emily both have a smile on their face.

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