Aanandi Baa Aur Emily [30th August 2022] Written Update

Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 30th August 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

The episode start with:

Anandibaa is having second thoughts about her choice to marry Chirag’s girlfriend Emily. While she is having this chat with herself, Gunjan overhears it and dashes over to where she is. She tells herself that she isn’t feeling quite well. She uses the latter to her advantage against Emily, and then she asserts that Anandibaa made the right choice. She warns Anandibaa that the people of Gondal would cease respecting her if she backtracks on her decision, which she says she will do if she changes her mind. After Emily and Chirag leave, Anandibaa becomes concerned, and Gunjan predicts that people will continue to inquire about Aarav’s wife. Anandibaa is frightened by Gunjan’s statement that Aarav’s life will be ruined, which causes the latter to become apprehensive, and as a result, they decide to arrange Aarav’s marriage to Pinky.

At this point, Gunjan is filled with joy after learning of Anandibaa’s decision. Her enthusiasm grows, and she gives her unqualified consent to the proposal right away. She doesn’t waste any time in telling Pinky about it, and after she does, the two of them dance together while announcing that her plan was successful. She shows her satisfaction and says that soon Emily would be leaving the house, as well as Pinky will get married to Aarav, and then both of them will control the house.

Pinky expresses her happiness at the prospect of marrying Aarav, but she quickly becomes anxious and asks what will happen if Anandibaa discovers their deception. She poses the hypothetical dilemma, “What if Sanghanis finds out that Gunjan was the mastermind behind everything?” In response, the second person becomes irate with Pinky and tells her to try to see the bright side of things. She finally gets fed up with Pinky’s constant babbling and makes the decision to steer clear of her in order to preserve her sanity.

In another part of the story, Pinky is seething with rage as she contemplates Anandibaa’s choice. She prayed to God and asked that he appear in front of her. She then begins to collect her belongings while simultaneously announcing that he is in no way assisting her in any way. During this time, the God suddenly materialises in front of her and removes her suitcase by some sort of mystical process. He tells her that she isn’t standing up for herself or the one she loves, and he asks her to fight for her rights. He also says that she needs to fight for her rights.

Emily and Payal make their way downstairs, where they come face to face with Gunjan and Pinky. Payal begins to chat to them and tells them about her life and her experiences. In the meantime, Emily and Gunjan head to the market, and Aarav makes plans to meet up with Emily in order to convince her to leave that place immediately in order to prevent her from marrying Chirag. He makes it clear that he cannot consent to her marrying anyone else since, if he does so, his goal of travelling to the United States will be rendered impossible.

Up ahead, Aarav and Jaman will encounter Emily interacting with Gunjan. Emily is being followed by the former, while Aarav is concerned about having a private conversation with the latter. Emily is removed from the area when they manage to distract Gunjan in some way. They hid themselves from Gunjan as he was getting terrified and calling Inspector Sangeetha to notify her about the situation. The latter proclaims to find Emily and alert that Chirag and his family was about to come to Anandibaa’s residence. Chirag and his family were about to visit Anandibaa.

Sangeetha promises that she won’t allow anything bad to happen to Emily and that she’ll deliver her to Chirag and his family in a safe manner. On the other hand, Aarav advises Emily to flee the area, but Emily refuses, explaining that they would need to fight for each other if they are going to survive. She states that she is unable to imagine him getting married to Pinky, while he insists that thag Anandibaa is capable of anything to carry out his command.

In addition to this, Emily and Aarav are also experiencing feelings of unease. She tells him how much she loves him, all the while he acts as though he feels the same way and thinks about how much he wants to travel to the United States. He is determined to save Emily from Chirag and attempts to persuade her to leave Gondal, but she refuses to go with him. During this time, Inspector Sangeetha comes, and she brings Gunjan along with her so that the two of them can search for Emily.


Aarav declares she was not in her right mind the first time Chirag and Emily were married and that she was not in her senses the second time around. He demands that he be able to re-experience their wedding in front of his very own eyes and that Chirag and Emily tie the knot in the presence of all of their friends and family. On the other hand, Jhalpa experiences shock, which causes her to refuse the request as everyone else glances at her as she is shocked. Emily breaks into a smile as she catches a glimpse of Aarav, and Inspector Sangeetha is as perplexed by Jhalpa’s response.

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