Aanandi Baa Aur Emily [31st August 2022] Written Update

Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 31st August 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

The episode start with:

Aarav pleading with Emily to escape from Gondal, but Emily flatly refuses. She declares that she solely loves him and that she accepts their marriage, but she also declares that she does not want to go with Chirag and his family when Aarav is in a bind. During that time, Gunjan and Sangeeta looked for Emily and were resolute in their search for her. They are able to see her and confront her, all the while Aarav and Jaman try to protect themselves by hiding from them. Both Gunjan and Sangeeta look for Aarav, but they are unable to find him anywhere. They question Emily as she is thinking about Lord Krishna’s suggestion to face her troubles, and she ultimately decides to return to the house after she has finished her thoughts.

When Aarav considers the possibility of Emily tying the knot with Chirag, he experiences a sense of melancholy. He tells Jaman that he is in a lot of pain and that he has come to terms with the fact that his ambition of travelling to America will never come true. It was at that moment that they saw Chirag’s placard and learned about his actual professional position. They express their shock and state that he has kept the truth from them all this time.

According to Jaman’s recollection, Chirag gave them the impression that he is employed in an insurance firm while, in reality, he is a performer. They smirk and then try to learn as much as they can about his complete past. In the meantime, Emily has a meeting with Anandibaa and asks her if she really wants her to leave the house and accompany Chirag. The latter causes a commotion, and then declares that she has never been one to back down from a fight for the truth. Because she was already married to Chirag when she wed Emily, she advises Emily to accompany Chirag and his family since she was married to Chirag before Aarav.

Emily makes several attempts to persuade Anandibaa, but she is ultimately unsuccessful in doing so. After that, she leaves the location while Sanghanis prepares the house for Emily’s bidaai by decorating it with various items. While Gunjan anticipates finally being free of Emily, Pinky arrives dressed as a bride and anticipates finally tying the knot with Aarav. Gunjan’s excitement mirrors Pinky’s joy.

Jhalpa begins to experience anxiety as she considers the possibility that Chirag would marry Emily, but Harsha reassures her that the engagement is all a sham and that she will continue to serve as his wife. Jhalpa gives them the advice to leave, but Chintan cautions them that if Sangeeta becomes suspicious, then she won’t leave them alone. Jhalpa advises them to leave. Chintan warns them. They put on an appearance that everything is OK in front of the other people there as Gulao relishes the event.

In the following scene, Aarav and Jaman propose to Emily that she marry Chirag, while Chirag’s reaction upon hearing their proposal is one of shock. Emily learns from Aarav the truth, which is that Chirag and his entire family are actors, and they have to reveal this information to everyone else. In addition to this, he describes how he came to discover their deception and divulges the information that Chirag is already married to Jhalpa. After being taken aback, Emily gives in and agrees to go forward with Aarav’s plan.

The moment Jaman realises that someone else is listening in on their conversation, he tells Aarav and Emily to be quiet. As he moves closer to the entrance, he identifies Payal as the person standing there. She indicates that she is aware of their strategy and is eager to be of assistance to them. She promises that she would keep it a secret from everyone else and joins Aarav, Jaman, and Emily in their plot to expose Chirag and get rid of the marital turmoil.

Aarav then guides Emily downstairs and explains to her that he was unable to attend the wedding of Emily and Chirag because Emily was under the influence of alcohol. He declares that he will witness them getting married at that location and asks Chirag to marry Emily in front of everyone, while Chirag’s reaction is one of shock and Jhalpa denies that anything happened. Emily has a sly grin on her face as Aarav points out Jhalpa and inquires as to whether or not she is experiencing any difficulties. This causes the person to become terrified and glance at Chirag.


Pinky tries to intimidate Gunjan by threatening that he will reveal Gunjan’s identity to Inspector Sangeeta as soon as she has finished beating Chirag and his family. While she is telling Gunjan that Inspector Sangeeta will be there shortly with a handcuff to arrest him, Gunjan becomes anxious and starts crying. At that moment, Sangeeta arrives and starts shouting that Chirag and his family are claiming that they were bribed by Gunjan to perform in the performance. Pinky, meanwhile, places her hands inside the shackles and joins hands in front of Sangeeta, all the while Gunjan watches them from a distance while she is shaken with fear.

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