Aanandi Baa Aur Emily [3rd September 2022] Written Update

Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 3rd September 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

The episode start with:

Jaman informing Aarav of Kalandi’s arrival, at which point Aarav expresses his astonishment and predicts that his mother will become enraged upon discovering the truth. While this is going on, Jaman gives him another another piece of disheartening information, at which point he becomes increasingly frustrated and begins praying that wonderful things may occur. While Pinky and Gunjan are showing Anandibaa Emily’s photo album, Anandibaa is watching. They show her photographs of her pals drinking alcohol and try to use her against Emily as a pawn in their manipulation scheme. Anandibaa brings up the fact that Emily is never seen really consuming the alcoholic beverage and states that she cannot accuse Emily of anything because she does not have any evidence.

At this point, Gunjan shares with Anandibaa that Emily is very crafty because she did not take any images, which they are able to utilise as evidence against her. On the other hand, at that time, Aarav arrives and demonstrates the herbal tonic that he had with him for Emily. He hands it to Anandibaa and instructs her to consume it if she has any symptoms of illness, claiming that it will surely speed up her recovery from those symptoms.

Aarav is also responsible for informing Anandibaa about the coming of Kalandi, during which time Anandibaa becomes enraged. She does not go to her son’s wedding and she forbids everyone to talk about her. She also does not attend her other children’s weddings. She claims that she is still upset with Kalandi for the mistake that she made in the past, and she asserts that she will not forgive her. She leaves and thinks about her sister Kalandi, which causes her to become emotional and her eyes to well up.

In another part of the room, Gunjan gives Pinky a sneer and then explains their next plan of action. She makes the bold assertion that they will be successful in persuading Emily to don the hair ornaments of Kalandi, which are kept in the storage area of the building. She warns that if Emily continues to behave in this manner, Anandibaa will become enraged with her and will undoubtedly reprimand her. When she thinks of making Emily and Anandibaa distinct from one another, she can’t help but crack a wry smile.

Pinky confronts Gunjan while she is wearing the Kalandi hair accessories, and she expresses her annoyance with Gunjan for wanting to give the item to Emily rather than to her. When the katter sees it, it shocks her, and she begs Pinky to remove it, but Pinky refuses, claiming that the accessory complements her appearance. During that moment, Anandibaa visits the location in question and encounters Pinky. As a form of retaliation for the fact that she is wearing Kalandi’s ornament, she grabs it from the other person and throws it at her. Pinky is given a stern warning that she would be kicked out of the house if she continues to act in such an unacceptable manner.

Up ahead, Pinky will experience some melancholy, while Gunjan will become increasingly aggravated with her sister. Anandibaa thinks back on the times she spent with Kalandi, but then she is reminded of the things that set them apart, and she declares that she will never forgive her. On the other hand, Gunjan provides appetising dishes for everyone, and she brings up Kalandi while Emily is around on purpose. She encourages the latter to get both of the sisters together and guarantees that they will make amends after doing so.

Gunjan tells Emily that she has seen Anandibaa looking for Kalandi, and then she asks Emily to do something about it. Gunjan’s falsehood is a cover for the fact that she has seen Anandiba While this is going on, Emily confides in God about her predicament and inquires about how it might be resolved. In response, God blesses Emily and instructs her to act in a manner consistent with what she considers to be the morally correct course of action. In the meantime, Kalandi arrives at Jaman’s hotel, where he is already talking to her and introducing himself. She gives no indication that she is paying attention to him and politely asks to be left alone.

Additionally, Jaman talks about Anandibaa in front of Kalandi, but Kalandi forbids him from taking her name after the conversation. She has glimpses of them in their joyful moments together, but she tries to avoid thinking about them. During that particular period, Emily travels to that location in order to receive blessings from Kalandi. She explains to Kalandi the suffering that Anandibaa is going through and insists that Kalandi go to the Sanghani’s home. She declares that Anandibaa will definitely apologise to her and will insist that she take the initiative to move forward with their relationship. But, Kalandi rejects to do it. She tells Emily about her promise that she won’t go to Anandibaa’s house, and she asserts that she won’t break her promise.


Anandibaa is standing in front of Emily as she says and Emily tells her that there is a surprise for her. Kalandi responds to the signal that she sends and enters the home. As Gunjan and Pinky watch their scheme come to fruition, they smirk to themselves, and then they wait for Anandibaa to reprimand Emily. In contrast, Aarav’s reaction upon viewing it is one of astonishment. While Anandibaa and Kalandi become closer to one another, Emily experiences happiness. They were ready to give each other a hug when they both suddenly thought about something that happened in the past and turned so that they were facing in the opposite direction of one another.

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