Aanandi Baa Aur Emily [4th August 2022] Written Update

Aanandi Baa Aur Emily [4th August 2022] Written Update on writtenlab.com

At the beginning of the episode, Aarav reassures Emily that he will assist her in providing food to Jaibala. After placing the veil over her face, the latter becomes anxious because she is unable to see anything around her. On the other hand, Jaibala is patiently waiting for Emily to bring her food. Gunjan takes pleasure in the drama and patiently waits for Pinky to initiate the plan they have devised. In the meantime, Emily is able to follow Aarav’s instructions because she can hear his voice through her earpods. She makes the mistake of speaking English words, and Jaibala reacts with shock. Anandibaa provides a cover story for Emily and deftly navigates the difficult situation.

When Gujan arrives at this point, he notices that Emily is doing a great job of serving the food to Jaibala, and he waits for Pinky to start carrying out their plot. After that, she stands up and walks over to her sister in order to give her the signal to begin the ruse, at which point her sister gives Gunjan a thumbs up and assumes control over the extremely enthusiastic crowd.

Emily takes her time in delivering the meal to Jaibala, who expresses her admiration and gratitude to her throughout the process. On the other hand, Anandibaa starts to feel uneasy and can’t stop looking at Emily and Jaibala. During this time, Aagaya approaches Aarav and immediately begins a conversation about his job with someone else. While he is explaining the situation to Aarav, the latter takes his phone and gives the caller some instructions.

In a different context, Emily believed that Aarav was communicating with her and carried out his instructions. She makes her way back towards Jaibala and adds more food to the sides of the plate as she does so. When the latter sees Emily behaving in such a way, it stuns them, and they confront Anandibaa about it.

Aarav immediately realises his error and makes the necessary corrections. While this is going on, Anandibaa finds herself in a sticky situation and turns to Gunjan for assistance. The latter concocts a false narrative in which she asserts that Emily has the intention of providing food to each and every person, to which Anandibaa assents and in which Jaibala is led to believe.

Up ahead, Anandibaa continues to lavish praise upon Gunjan in front of everyone. While this is going on, Pinky starts the fan, but the airflow isn’t strong enough to blow the veil off of Emily’s face. The latter reprimands her sister and makes fun of the fact that she is incapable of performing any task correctly. After apologising to Gunjan, Pinky goes to correct the wiring, but while she is doing so, she is the one who receives the electric shock.

Gunjan offers her assistance to Pinky and instructs her to sit on the bed while she listens to the kater share her story with her sister. The latter has an intention to reveal Emily’s secret and moves closer to her. After placing the fans in front of Emily’s face, she enters the building. Meanwhile, Jaibala gives Emily her blessing and thanks her for her service before making the decision to depart.

In addition, Jaibala gathers all of her belongings and says goodbye to everyone before leaving, all while Gunjan starts the fan, which ultimately reveals Emily’s face. After seeing it, everyone goes into shock and begs Jaibala for mercy, but Jaibala is unable to respond because something got into her eyes and prevented her from seeing anything. Anandibaa is relieved that Jaibala was unable to see Emily’s face, and she bids farewell to her. Meanwhile, Gunjan conceals Jaibala’s ticket and plots a crafty game to play against Emily. Anandibaa is relieved.


Precap:- After the completion of the ritual, Gunjan removes her veil in front of Jaibala and tells Emily to come into her room. She then reveals her face to Jaibala. The latter reacts with shock upon seeing Emily, and then makes fun of Anandibaa about it. She brings up the situation from the past, when she forced Jaibala to call off her daughter’s wedding and asked Anandibaa to do the same thing. She reminds her of this. She announces that it is Anandibaa’s test to choose between her authorities and Aarav’s marriage, while Anandibaa becomes shocked and nervous in order to make a decision. Anandibaa’s authorities are on the line.

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