Aanandi Baa Aur Emily [6th August 2022] Written Update

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Emily is forced to wear a long wig at the beginning of the episode as part of the preparations made by Gunjan for the Muh-Dikhai ceremony. She earns Anandibaa’s trust by acting as though she is going to assist her in concealing Emily’s identity, but in reality, she is devising a scheme to reveal Emily’s secret in front of Jaibala. Emily then makes her way downstairs and takes a seat on the stage, while Jaibala’s suspicions are piqued by the sight of her long hair. During this time, Anandibaa gives Gunjan the directive to handle the situation, and Gunjan responds by carrying it out as she directs. Anandibaa confronts Gunjan with the question of how they intend to protect Emily from being humiliated in front of Jaibala.

At this point, Gunjan reassures Anandibaa that she will handle the situation and proclaims that she will turn off the light so that Jaibala won’t be able to see Emily’s face. Anandibaa is captivated by Gunjan’s concept, and as a result, she bestows her blessing upon her. Pinky starts to have some reservations about Gunjan, so she confronts her and asks how they plan to expose Emily in front of Jaibala. In response, the latter asks her sister to have faith in whatever she has to offer.

Gunjan should let Pinky know that she won’t completely turn off the lights but will instead keep it dim. This will ensure that Jaibala is able to see Emily’s face clearly and that their plan will be successful. Pinky is swayed by Gunjan’s deception and sings her praises as a result. They both turn the light down low and then proceed to the event that they are both attending.

In another part of the conversation, Jaibala asks questions about the attendees, specifically whether or not everyone will be present at the function. In response, Gunjan makes some sort of excuse and says that Jaman is recording the ceremony and is live broadcasting it in Gondal. After that, Jaibala is overjoyed, and she tells the guests that they should get the celebration started.

When Anandibaa sees other ladies of Gondal sitting with Jaibala, she becomes concerned because she believes that those other ladies will reveal Emily’s secret identity to Jaibala. She discusses the issue with Gunjan while he amplifies the sound of the music in an effort to resolve the matter. In the midst of Gunjan offering an explanation for the loud noise, Jaibala raises the issue by asserting that she already knows the answer to any question that may arise.

Up ahead, Jaibala spots Emily’s face and immediately develops a suspicous feeling about her. She confides in Anandibaa her uncertainty and tells him that although her daughter-in-hair law’s is the perfect shade of black, her eyebrows are the perfect shade of blonde. Anandibaa finds herself in a difficult situation, while Gunjan once more offers up some justifications and manages to persuade Jaibala.

Gunjan keeps her leg on Emily’s wig on purpose, which ultimately results in Emily’s hair falling out and revealing Gunjan’s true identity in front of everyone. Anandibaa provokes Jaibala’s surprise, and Jaibala responds by confronting her. She ridicules and torments the latter, and she brings up an incident from the past in which she forced the other person to choose between her daughter and the authorities. In addition to that, she hands Anandibaa a pair of scissors and asks her to end the relationship between Aarav and Emily, all the while Anandibaa becomes tense.

As the scene continues, Emily confronts Jaibala and begins a conversation with her. Her passion and expertise in matters relating to India leave a lasting impression on the latter. However, Aarav is also successful in convincing Jaibala that she has made a mistake, and Jaibala ultimately consents to her and Aarav’s marriage and blesses them. In addition to this, she speaks to her daughter and gives her permission for her to marry the foreign man. The failure of Gunjan and Pinky’s plan causes Gunjan to become frustrated, while Pinky and Anandiba’s frustration leads Anandiba to formulate a strategy for removing Emily as quickly as possible.


Precap:- Emily is intentionally misled by Gunjan and Pinky’s deception regarding the nature of Anandibaa’s asthma condition during their conversation in Emily’s presence. The latter engages in yoga, whereas Emily, who is concerned that she may be experiencing an attack, goes into the kitchen to retrieve the box in an attempt to find a remedy. She forces Anandibaa to consume the powder, which causes Anandibaa to become furious with her. Emily comes clean to everyone, revealing that she overheard Gunjan and Pinky talking about Anandibaa’s asthama attack, which is the reason why she went into the kitchen to get the medication. She also reveals that she saw Gunjan and Pinky discussing Anandibaa’s asthama attack earlier.

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