Aanandi Baa Aur Emily [6th September 2022] Written Update

Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 6th September 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

The episode start with:

Anandibaa is shown preparing meals inside the kitchen, while Emily can be seen seated at the table and watching her. Emily sends a signal to Aarav, telling him to inquire about something from Anandibaa when he arrives there as well. He comes near his mother and starts a dialogue by inquiring as to what she is doing by asking, “what is she doing?” She makes fun of him and asks why he can’t see her cooking when she’s doing it. He lets out a chuckle before retreating further after hearing her response. The following thing he does is advise her not to prepare foods that are too hot, to which she reacts with irritation and responds by asking if he is aware that she never prepares foods that are too spicy. Aarav gives her an affirmative response before walking away to continue his journey.

During this time, Emily maintains her focus on the discourse that is taking place between Aarav and Anandibaa. She halts Aarav and reminds him that he is responsible for completing the assignment. After that, he once more makes his way towards Anandibaa and demands that she make tomato soup for Kalandi. He tells his mother that she hasn’t eaten from the moment she arrived at their house until now, and he asks his mother to feel a little less sympathy for her.

Emily travels there as well in order to persuade Anandibaa, and both she and Aarav inquire about the restaurant’s specialty tomato soup due to the fact that Kalandi insists on having it and that Anandibaa consumes it on a daily basis without skipping a single day. Anandibaa experiences an emotional response and then notifies them about the situation. She claims that I suffered from typhoid when I was a child in Kalandin.

Anandibaa reveals in another part of the conversation that Kalandi was recommended by the physician to consume tomato soup on a daily basis, and Kalandi reveals that she used to prepare the soup for her sister. Anandibaa informs Kalandi of this recommendation. She reports that ever since that time, Kalandi has been in the habit of consuming the soup on a daily basis. Emily makes a request to Anandibaa to prepare the same soup for Kalandi, but the latter refuses to do so.

Emily receives Anandibaa’s recipe, and she is given the option of preparing it for herself if Anandibaa chooses to do so before Anandibaa leaves the room. On the other hand, the latter makes the decision to solicit Gunjan’s assistance. Emily gets duped by the katter, who tells her that she should put alcohol into the tomato soup as she is asking Gunjan about the process of creating tomato soup. Jaman discovers the information and makes an attempt to rectify Emily, but he is unsuccessful.

Up ahead, Gunjan and Pinky are delighted with their plan and excitedly announce that Emily will soon be leaving their home. Emily helps Anandibaa and Kalandi with their meals as they celebrate their victory by dancing together after it. In the meantime, Gunjan instigates Anandibaa against Emily by telling her that Emily had poured alcohol inside the soul. Anandibaa is outraged by this information and resolves to take severe action against Emily as a result.

Gunjan gives a sneering expression before informing Pinky about the situation. While Payal is trying to persuade Anandibaa to try Emily’s soup, both of the sisters smile in a malicious manner. Emily tries her best to get Kalandi and Anandibaa to try the soup, but they both become enraged upon seeing one another and insist that they will not consume it. Kalandi gives Anandibaa a hard time while simultaneously agreeing to have it, and Anandibaa also gives in and agrees to have it. They both enjoy the soul, and when they are both in an inebriated condition, they both pour their hearts out by chatting about all of the ways in which they are different.

Aarav afterwards learns about the situation, which causes him to have concerns about it. Emily is the one who has the realisation brought to her by him, but she is the one who has the conversation with God about how she misunderstood something. He reassures her, and shortly thereafter, Anandibaa and Kalandi become upset when discussing their connection, at which point they apologise to one another. They were able to communicate their feelings for one another, and Aarav is really appreciative of Emily for doing so.


Aarav shares his aspiration to travel to the United States of America with Jaman. He claims that this was his one and only dream from his boyhood, and he recalls the day that he and Emily tied the knot. He declares that God has provided her for him as a means of transportation to the United States in order to fulfil his destiny. Gunjan, on the other hand, overhears their chat and immediately begins to formulate a strategy to defeat them. She claims that if she uses Emily as a pawn against Aarav by telling her that he doesn’t love her and is only using her for the visa, then Emily would undoubtedly leave Aarav. She justifies this claim by adding that if she does this, then Emily will definitely leave Aarav. Gunjan reveals her scheme to Pinky and declares that Emily would be leaving the house in the near future. She also gives Pinky her word that her scheme won’t be thwarted in any way.

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