Aanandi Baa Aur Emily [9th September 2022] Written Update

Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 9th September 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

The episode start with:

Aarav is making preparations for a surprise evening with Emily. He discusses his scheme with Jaman, and Jaman gives him the recommendation that he should make Gulab sleep inside his room so that he can spend his time with Emily without fear of being discovered. Aarav makes his way down the stairs and discovers Gulab dozing out in the hallway. The latter is plagued by insect bites, an issue that he brings up in conversation with Aarav. He claims that Anandibaa forbade him to turn on the fan in his room since it uses a greater amount of electricity. He states that the insects are tormenting him despite the fact that she has requested that he sleep in the hallway so that they might save money.

Jaman overhears their chat at this point and asks Aarav to send Gulab to his room. Jaman is also present. He recommends to the latter that they demonstrate some worry toward Gulab in order for him to have confidence in them and easily enter the room. Aarav does as Jaman instructs and voices his worry to Gulab. In addition to this, he expresses his compassion by inviting the individual to spend the night in his bedroom.

Gulab is overjoyed by Aarav’s offer, for which he expresses his appreciation, while Aarav asks Gulab to keep their conversation a secret. From the front steps, Gulab makes his way toward Aarav’s room, but Jaman instructs Aarav to stop him and inform everyone else that if anyone sees Gulab, then their plan will fail and they would have to start over. Gulab is stopped by Aarav, who then directs him to the rear stairs that go to his chamber.

Elsewhere, Gunjan and Pinky wait for the precise moment to inject the drug into Aarav’s body in the hopes of coercing him into revealing the truth. On the other hand, Emily and Aarav head to the stairs, where they are taken aback by the decorating. She is so taken aback by the decoration that she cannot contain her excitement as she tells Aarav about their upcoming rendezvous in secret.

Emily is intimidated as Aarav leads her around the venue while engaging in sexual conversation with her. They start dancing together and having a good time with one another. They are also terrified of being discovered by Anandibaa or any other member of their family, because if that happened, they would face harsh retribution. In order to avoid being discovered, they make every effort to conceal the fact that they have a date planned and speak in a low tone.

Ahead, Gunjan and Pinky sneaks inside Aarav’s room. They notice someone dozing off on the bed while the blanket is draped over them. They were unable to get a good look at the face, so they mistook him for Aarav. Gunjan gets the injection, and he was ready to put it into him when he moved away from the area. Pinky borrows the injection from her sister and makes another attempt to inject the subject, but she is unable to do so successfully. They continue doing it, but eventually Gunjan grabs hold of the individual and injects the medication into them against their will.

Gulab is shown to be the person in question, and Gunjan’s reaction upon seeing him is one of disbelief. Together with Pinky, she makes a hasty exit from the area in order to escape being discovered there. While this is going on, every member of Sanghanis becomes vigilant and congregates around the hall. Emily and Aarav are likewise dazed and immediately make their way away from the terrace in an effort to protect themselves. Emily stays hidden while Aarav makes his way downstairs to spend time with his family.

In addition, Anandibaa becomes enraged at Gulab for waking them up and chases after him to beat him. On the other hand, Emily lets Aarav know how she feels about him, and then she gives him a unique present. While this was going on, Gunjan and Pinky paid the clinic another visit and waited for the doctor to arrive so that they might steal more medicine. They act hastily to grab it after Pinky makes the discovery inside of the refrigerator. The doctor, on the other hand, is taken aback when he observes that they are recovering without receiving any treatment, while Gunjan makes up an alibi and flees the scene.


Aarav’s confession is captured on tape by Gunjan shortly after the truth drug was administered to him. He responds with a giggle and says that he just loves America, and that Emily is his ticket to visit there. She asks him if he really loves Emily or if he is with her only because of some purpose, and he says that he only loves America. Emily watches the video, and it breaks her heart; Anandibaa also watches her, and she feels awful for Emily’s state as a result of her watching.

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