Ajooni [1st December 2022] Written Update

Ajooni 1st December 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

Ajooni [1st December 2022] Written Update

In Ajooni, Karuna pulls out the call log and shows it to Ajuni. He says that we had 3 calls that day, so we need to find out who is to blame. Ajuni calls all three numbers and is shocked. Thanks Karuna.

Bebe eats, Harman says not to eat spicy food. Bebe says I’m fine, I was just acting out the drama to get out of the police station. Harman is confused. Bebe says I don’t like to lie, but I had to. Harman says that Rajveer is against Adjuni, he will soon be kicked out of the house. Rajveer comes there and Bebe pretends to be in pain. Rajveer asks how is he? Bebe says I’m better and leaves.

Aman comes to Harvindar and asks him for something to eat. He says I don’t need it. Shikha comes there with other food and says that I brought some food from the restaurant. Aman says it’s not good for him. She asks Harvindar not to listen to her, I am your wife. Shiha says she loves me.

The two of them are fighting so Harvindar yells at them to leave him alone, throwing the food in the trash can. Ravindra comes there and asks him to leave. He’s leaving. Ravindra scolds Aman and Shikha, she is sick but you are torturing her even more. He’s leaving. Shikha tells Aman that I am pregnant with her child and will soon be kicked out of the house. Oh, he’s leaving. Shiha smiles.

Ajooni Today’s Episode Online:

Ravindra sits next to Harvindar and asks if he is okay. He shakes his head. Sheehy’s family arrives there. Her father says we’ve come to see Bebe. Ravindra says he brought flowers as if he were dead. Both of you are dishonest, so stop playing this drama. Mangi says they need something. Sheehy’s father says we are happy that you adopted our daughter. What does Ravindra say? Harman says that Shikha has helped us more than our fiancee, I think we should marry her to Harvindar. Ajuni comes there with Karuna.

What is Ravindra saying now? Rajveer also comes there. Ravindra tells Karuna that we don’t torture women here, so why are you here? Ajuni says that someone here called Karuna and the journalists that day, but it wasn’t me, someone called on my behalf. Shows the list of calls for that day. Ajuni says I called three numbers, two of them from the bank. The third person from this family. Rajveer calls the number and the number starts ringing. They were all shocked when they saw Sheehy’s father’s phone number.

Ajooni Latest New Full Episode:

Ravindra holds her and says that I will not forgive you. Karuna says don’t use violence. Ravindra yells at him to disappear, that’s their business. He’s coming. Ravindra says I won’t forgive you now. He takes the hunter and starts beating Shiha’s father, but Shiha stands in front of him and tells him not to beat him.

I called Karuna and the media that day because I wanted Adjuni to be kicked out of here. He made me lose Harvindar and tried to harm my child so I wanted to kick him out of the house. Everyone is watching.


Ajuni cleans Rajveer’s wound and says I love you as much as you love me. You always say something to me and I want to say something to you Rajveer. Rajveer smiles and hugs her tightly.

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