Ajooni [21stNovember 2022] Written Update

Ajooni 21st November 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

Ajooni 21st November 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab
In Ajooni, Ravindra takes a gun and shoots Ajuni, shoots an apple and Ajuni gets scared. Ravindra says don’t think that I will forgive you, you have ruined this family. You put the blame on Rajveer and remained silent? are not you ashamed. Today I will tear you apart. Ajoni cries and says trust me, I didn’t do anything. Don’t talk about trust, admit that you are behind it all, shouts Ravindra. He puts another apple on his shoulder and is about to shoot it, but the apple falls to the ground. Ravindra asks her to take it. Ajoni cries and says I didn’t do anything. Ravindra gives him a small apple and puts it on his hand.

Rajveer comes to Shikha’s house and looks for her. She says I have evidence against her daughter, I won’t forgive her. His family is afraid and says he is not here. Rajveer opens a locker and finds Shikha hiding there.

Ravindra asks Ajuni to plead guilty. Ajuni says I am telling the truth and doing nothing. Ravindra says that this will be your end now. He is about to hit the apple on his hand, but Rajveer comes over and holds his hand. Everyone is watching. Rajveer throws Shikha towards him. Ajuni hugs Rajveer and hides behind him. Everyone is watching. Rajveer says stop punishing your family so you don’t see your real enemies. Ravindra says he is going to tell me how to proceed now? What is this new drama? Rajveer says I came here to finish this drama. Do you know who recorded Ajooni? It was Sheehy’s phone. Shiha says you’re lying. Rajveer shows the registration receipt and asks why only this phone was able to be restored after the accident. Sheeha planned all this to lure Ajuni into a trap.

Ajooni Today’s Episode Online:

Ravindra says that I punished Ajuni and Rajveer because of you. I won’t spare you. He put a gun on him and said you killed my son, right? Shikha cries, but her family comes there. They say you love Harvindar. Ravindra says he killed my son because I won’t forgive him. This is all false as Shikha’s mother will be the mother of baby Harvindar.

They were all shocked. She says Shikha is pregnant by Harvindar, shows the hospital report to Ravindra. He asks Ajuni to read it, Ajuni reads it and nods. Sheehy’s mother says she’s pregnant with your family’s heir. Sheehy’s father says that I am ready to marry my daughter to your son, but Harvindar lied to him that he would marry her. Ravindra says that is proof that she is Harvindar’s child, although I admit that she is pregnant.

What if he’s in a relationship with someone else? Shikha cries and says don’t say all this, Harvindar’s soul must be suffering. Rajveer says why didn’t you tell me about this before. Sheeha says she wants to break the news to Ravindra and make her happy, but here you guys are slandering my child. Her mother says that I should come and tell them because your child needs to be saved. This child’s father is gone, so we must protect him.


Oh, he comes to Shiha and says that I won’t forgive you. She attacks him. All family members come out and beg Haman to stop. Aman is about to stab Shikha.

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