Ajooni [22ndNovember 2022] Written Update

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Ajooni 2nd November 2022 Written Update

In Ajooni, Ravindra informs Shikha’s family that we lost our son and his phone was found next to his car. Sheeha says Harvinder took my phone and left so she found my phone in her. His father tells Ravindra that we will take care of your heir, we don’t need your support. Sheeha says these people doubt my character, I can’t believe it. She asks Ravindra to kill him and finish him off. She forces him to choke and pretends to faint, she. Rajveer is angry.

Harman and Shikha’s mother takes care of Shikha. A local doctor comes there and tries to check on Shiha, but his mother tells him who he is. Harman says she’s really good. The doctor examines her and says she may have vomited because she is pregnant, take care of her and do not stress her out. Harman is happy to hear that.

Mangi tells Ravindra not to trust Shiha and her father. Harman comes there and says I called local doctor and told him she is pregnant. Ravindra says, but where is the proof that he is just Harvinder’s child? Harman says she lost him too, we have to accept him. Ravindra says I do not trust him. Harman says we lost Harvinder, but this boy could be his identity. We shouldn’t throw it away just because Harvinder won’t be happy. We have to wait for Bebe to return. Ravindra says ok, keep him here until then.Harman comes to Aman and asks him to make a cocktail for Shikha.

Ajooni Latest New Full Episode:

Shikha tells her mother that this kid will force me to take their wealth. I will follow my plan no matter what. Aman comes there and gives lemonade to Shikha. Shiha says she cannot be a mother so they need me. She grins at Aman. She says I will be the queen of this house now, she can’t even be a mother, so she has no personality in this house. Aman leaves in anger. Ajoni sees this.

Ajuni comes to Rajveer. She says I am sure Shikha is lying. Ajuni says we have no evidence against him and I am worried about Aman. He has to endure a lot. What if the family accepts Shikha? Rajveer is watching.

Ajuni comes to Chunk and asks what the local doctor said. She says Shikha is pregnant and confirms it. Ajoni looks. She can’t find a knife there and says Haman is here? Chanku says yes. Ajoni escapes from there.

Ajooni Today’s Episode Online:

Aman comes to Shikha’s room and sees her sleeping. She locks the door and looks at him. Shiha wakes up and says what are you doing here. He says do you want to take my place here. I will not spare you He pulls out a knife and attacks it. Shiha runs away from him. Ajuni comes out of the room and begs her to open the door. All family members are there. Aman attacks Shikha. Ravindra asks him to open the door. Rajveer breaks the door and takes Aman away from Sheekha. He cries out, “Oh, I’m going to kill him.” Harman and Chanku take Aman from there. Shikha is afraid.


Ajuni tells Bebe that Aman will not leave this house just because her husband died, this house still has her right. Your husband is dead but you’re still here, aren’t you? Bebe looks at him. Reporters come there and say that Ajuni called us here and we have evidence against Harman and Bebe.

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