Ajooni [24th November 2022] Written Update

Ajooni 24th November 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

Ajooni 24th November 2022 Written Update

In Ajooni, Ravindra tells the media and Karuna that we do not torture our women. There are many women in the house, so they fight sometimes, but this is a private matter. Karuna says she will speak in court now. Bebe yells at him to stay away from their family. Ravindra asks Bebe to be quiet. Ravindra says it’s a family matter, so we’ll handle it.

He whispers to Karuna that I will serve you. Karuna says you have to apologize to Ajuni and Aman. Ravindra says they are like my daughters to me. She folds her hand and apologizes to Aman and Ajuni. She looks at ajuni and whispers that I will not forgive you. Karuna asks Harman to apologize to Ajuni and Aman. Harman gets angry and apologizes to Ajuni. Karuna says I warned you not to do it again.

She is leaving the media, she. Ravindra gets angry and tells Ajuni that I have never apologized to anyone in my life but today I had to apologize because of you. She tries to attack him but Rajveer pushes him away. Ravindra tells Rajveer that he is not ashamed that your father had to apologize on behalf of your wife.

Mangi tells her that the party president came to see you. Ravindra leaves from there. Harman looks at Ajuni and says he has ruined our family. Ajuni says I didn’t call the media but it’s good that someone stopped you from sinning. Bebe says you keep insulting us. Rajveer is watching. Bebe and Harman break up. Ajuni tells Rajveer that he is not calling the media. Rajveer leaves in anger.

Ajooni Today’s Episode Online:

The President scolds Ravindra and says the media is reporting domestic violence in your home. Ravindra says my family is just having fun. The president says that your aunt turned the media against him, that he can’t even control his women. Ravindra says I did a lot for your party. The president says, but your bride is ruining everything for you, you don’t have much time anymore. She’s leaving, she. Ravindra is angry.

Ajuni tells Rajveer that I am not calling the media. Rajveer tells that Karuna mentioned that you are looking for them. Why? Why? I will never let anyone hurt you. Aman comes there and says Ajuni did nothing, is with me and is not looking for anyone. I can’t tell lies. Then Rajveer says who did it..

Ajooni Latest New Full Episode:

Sheehy’s father calls Sheehye and asks for the report. Shiha grins and says I am behind all this. Now I won’t be tortured here and Rajveer will lose his election ticket. Shikha says Ajuni is my enemy so I will definitely fire him. Rajveer comes and says till then I will kick you out of the house.

The President calls Ravindra and gets angry with him. They don’t want to give him tickets anymore. Ravindra gets angry and says I will not forgive you.

Rajveer brings Shikha to the family and says I will not forgive him. Bebe says she is pregnant. Rajveer says he is calling media not Ajuni. Everyone is in shock.


Ravindra tells Rajveer that the fireworks that destroyed my family were Ajuni. He points the gun at Adjuni but Rajveer stands in front of him and points the gun at him. Everyone is in shock.

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