Ajooni [2nd December 2022] Written Update

Ajooni 2nd December 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

Ajooni [2nd December 2022] Written Update

In Ajooni, Shikha tells Ravindra that I love Harvindar and want to marry him, so I did all this. She is crying, Ravindra says you are a good girl so I can’t see you crying. Ajoni is confused. Ravindra catches him and tells him that he played crocodile tears well, yelling at him to leave.

Shikha says that she will come to me, she will soon make me the bride of this house. He leaves with his family. Ravindra tells Ajuni that I won’t forgive you Bebe in this situation because of you. Rajveer says that Bebe is fine, nothing happened to her.

She asks Harman to tell the truth. A flashback shows how Rajver heard Bebe say that she was pretending to be sick. Harman tells Ravindra that Bebe is pretending to be sick to get out of prison, but I don’t know anything about it. Ajuni tells Ravindra that I have done nothing wrong, I am still against the persecution in this house. I want to stop this punishment for the women in the house. Ravindra says you cannot change our rules and our history. Ajoni says we’ll see. He leaves from there.

Ajuni remembers Ravindra’s words that he cannot change his way of life. He finds blood in a picture of himself on the wall and is shocked. Rajveer comes to Ajuni. He sees that his hand is bloody and injured. She gets worried and runs to him.

He says why you punished yourself. He brings medicine and cleans the wound. Rajveer looks at him lovingly. She says I made a mistake not trusting you. Ajuni says it’s okay, you’re worried about Bebe. Rajveer says you can punish me if you want. Ajuni laughs and says that I want to end this tradition, I forgive you.

Ajooni Today’s Episode Online:

He says I love you as much as you love me. You always say that you can do everything for me, but I want to say everything for you, Rajveer. Rajveer smiles at her as they hug tightly. kisses her on the forehead. Ajuni smiles and hugs him.

Papa Sheehy says why did you do all this. You ruined our plan. Sheeha says that Harvindar will restore her memory and she will accept this child. Just look what I’m doing now.

Harvindar roams the house at night.In the morning Aman cries and tells Harvindar that I am your wife. He says I have to go. Haman cries and calls everyone there. Ravindra asks what is it? Aman says she is leaving home. Harvindar, I don’t know you, says I will go.

Bebe says that your memory will return soon. Rajveer sees the chandelier above him weaken. Harvindar says he keeps saying that this woman is my wife. Ravindra asks him to calm down, your memory will return soon.

Ajooni Latest New Full Episode:

Harvindar says I must go. Harman says where are you going. Harvindar speaks everywhere but not here. The chandelier falls, but Rajveer pulls Harvindar aside. Harvindar falls to the ground and hits his head. Harman gives him water. Ravindra asks how did he fall? Mangi says that someone seems to have softened him up.

Harvindar takes care of the family and acknowledges them. Harman says he remembers everything now? Ravindra asks Harvindar to tell them what happened that night? Harvindar says that someone attacked me at the resort, I don’t remember who. Bebe says stop, her memory has returned and that’s enough.


Ajuni comes to Harvindar and says this is the whole plan? She says yes and Shikha was part of the plan. Later, Ajuni tells Rajveer that we have no evidence against them. Rajveer says yes.

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