Ajooni [30th November 2022] Written Update

Ajooni 30th November 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

Ajooni 30th November 2022 Written Update

In Ajooni, The doctor checks on Bebe. Ravindra comes and kicks Ajuni out of the room. She tells Rajveer that she has not taken back her complaint, you can ask the inspector. Inspector says yes, he came to take the complaint but he refused. Outside the room, Shikha tells Ajuni that you won’t be home soon either, Bebe-Harman had to go to jail because of you, now she’s trapped in her own plan. Get ready to leave the house now. Ajoni looks. In the room, Ravindra tells the inspector that we will only leave Bebe here.

The inspector says I will handle the paperwork and goes. Ravindra tells Rajveer that the inspector is better than you, he couldn’t even convince your wife. You have to start hiding behind your wife. You are useless. Rajveer leaves in anger.Rajveer comes to Ajuni and yells at her as I begged you but you didn’t listen. Bebe is in such a situation because of you, I will show you what I can do to save my mother and grandmother, I will no longer need your help. He is leaving.

Rajveer comes to the police station and gives a statement to the inspector, says we withdraw the complaint, so release Harman. The inspector reviews the application and calls Harman there. Harman comes there and cries. Rajveer hugs her and asks if she is okay. He says he’s here now, so I’m fine. Inspector says sorry for the problem.

Rajveer brings Harman home and calls the family. Shiha greets him. Ajuni comes there and Harman says you must be surprised to see me here, I don’t need your favour.

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My son set me free. Ravindra comes and says it is good to be back. Harman says I know Rajveer will release me. Rajveer says I wrote a statement to Adjuni, forged signature and gave it to the inspector. Ajuni says he faked my signature? Rajveer says yes because you lied to me too. I will do what is right for my family, or be quiet.

Ajuni shouts, then what will you do? hit me… you are their blood after all… Rajveer raises his hand but stops. Ajoni was shocked. Rajveer pushes him and gets out of there. Harman grins when he sees this. Ajoni was injured. Ravindra tells Ajuni that today is a good day, now his eyes are taken out. She says she’s very lucky to have a loving husband, but she can’t take it. Harman says you should punish him. Ravindra says Rajveer has already punished him. She asks him to leave and says we don’t need you here anymore. Ajoni was shocked.

Ravindra says Rajveer disowned you and we don’t need a liar here. Ajuni says I am not looking for charity here but if Rajveer doesn’t trust me then what am I doing here? Ravindra says he can go. Ajuni says I will not leave until I prove my innocence. Ravindra says just say you don’t want to go.

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Rajveer sits alone as he reminisces about his moments with Ajuni. She looks at her photo and cries. He says why did you do it. He hits the wall and his arm begins to bleed.

Ajuni comes to the charity and talks to Karuna. Karuna, do you think you can play with us? Did you come here to file a complaint and then call us to your home and then take the complaint back to the police station? Ajuni says I didn’t call you from media, someone made fake call. I need your help to find out who called you. He asks who called him. Karuna is watching.


Ajuni brings Karuna home. Karuna tells the family that we got 3 calls that day. Ajuni says one number is from the bank and the other is from his employees. Number 3 of the person who called my name, this person is here. Shiha gets scared hearing this.

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