Ajooni [3rd December 2022] Written Update

Ajooni 3rd December 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

Ajooni [3rd December 2022] Written Update

In Ajooni, Bebe and the others thank Mata Rani for bringing back the memory of Harvindar.

Harvindar calls Shikha and says that no one doubts me and everyone thinks that my memory has just returned to me. He says he played a very good game. Sheeha says I will talk to you later.

Harvindar says I want love with you. Ends a call. Ajuni bursts into Harvindar’s room and says he lied about all this? I should have known. Harvindar locks the door and says go tell them. She removes the cast and says yes, that was my plan and Shikha helped me. We tried to kill Rajveer but you always saved him, I will win the favor of the family and then they will let me marry Sheeha.

Ajuni says I won’t let you do that. Harvindar says you can tell the family, but they won’t trust you anymore, you have no evidence against me. You can no longer stop me from marrying Shikha. Ajuni leaves in anger.

Ajuni comes to Rajveer, asks what happened? He says that Harvindar lied about all this, never had an accident. Rajveer says I won’t forgive him. Ajuni stops him and says that we must first find evidence against them. Rajveer says I have proof.

Ajooni Latest New Full Episode:

Harvindar meets Shikha and says you are very smart, my family really thinks I have lost my memory. Good job lying about being pregnant. Sheeha says I am not lying about this, I am indeed pregnant with your child. Harvindar says but how.. Shikha says what do you mean? I gave you everything and now your child is growing inside of me. Harvindar watches.

Rajveer comes to Ravindra and says that I know you won’t trust me with what I say, but please listen. Ajuni says that I do everything just for the sake of truth. Rajveer says that Harvindar lied to us about his accident and memory loss.

Shikha asks Harvindar if he wants this child. Harvindar says it is not, I am very happy to be a father and now I can prove that Ajuni was wrong. He says let’s go home. Shiha says no, your father should come and apologize to me. His father comes there and says that he loves you very much, but your father insulted him a lot, otherwise he must apologize, Shiha will remove this child.

Harvindar says he can’t do it. Her mother says our daughter has no honor, so you must take her with honor. Harvindar says I will go and talk to Ravindra and he goes. Shikha tells her family that now Ravindra will beg me to come and be his bride.

Ajooni Today’s Episode Online:

Ajuni tells Ravindra how she overheard Harvindar and reveals that Shikha planned it all.

Harvindar comes to Bebe and Harman. He says if you love me take my side, if you can’t take my side you have to kill me. Shikha is pregnant with my child, I am sure that this is only my child. He will have an abortion if I don’t marry him he only gave me 2 days if I can’t save my baby you have to kill me. Bebe asks him to stop it and says that I will talk to Ravindra.

Bebe comes to Ravindra and says that Harvindar has confirmed that Shikha is just pregnant with her child, I think we should marry them. Ravindra says I have a question for Harvindar. He asks if Shikha came to meet him at night. Harvindar says no. Ravindra says that the guard saw Shikha enter the house and adjust the chandelier. It’s good that Rajveer saved you, I can’t force you to marry him if he tries to kill you. Harvindar was confused.

Ravindra asks Harvindar to jump on the ladder and measure the height to check who is decorating the chandelier. Everyone was shocked to see that Harvindar was able to contact him.

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