Ajooni [9th September 2022] Written Update

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The Episode Start With:

When the servant comes in to apologise to Ajooni while she is sleeping, she is already asleep in the chamber. Ajooni inquires of Champa regarding the subject of her conversation. Champa asserts that she intentionally turned on the geezer in order to cause you to get burned and blames herself. Ajooni asks why did you do it? Champa claims that someone forced her to do it, and if Harman finds out about it, then she will never see her again. Ajooni is dumbfounded and claims that she was the one who planned everything. Champa claims that you were always kind to her, but that despite her best efforts, she was unable to inflict any harm on you. As a result of this, Champa’s sister was burned to death in the village. You have been spared up to this point, but these people will eventually kill you, so you should leave with Rajveer. Ajooni confronts her with the question of whether or not she will admit her guilt in front of the family.
Rajveer enters the kitchen and immediately begins his investigation. Harman runs and hides because he is terrified. According to Rajveer, there is not a water leaking at this location; therefore, how did it explode?

Ravindra hears from Harvinder that Rajveer’s uselessness is going to increase as a result of his wife. When Rajveer arrives, Ravindra tells him that he has turned into a monkey and that he only dances when his wife tells him to. Rajveer requests that they put an end to it. Harvinder tells him to go hide behind his wife and then urges him to come back. Rajveer promises that he will show his hand if you continue talking. Ravindra has told me that you can hit me as well. Rajveer claims that Harvinder put his hand on my wife for the second time, which is something I just cannot tolerate. Ravindra advises that you position her appropriately. Rajveer has stated that he loves her and that he will never hit her no matter how many times she makes a mistake.

It causes Champa to break down into tears, and she tells Ajooni that she is unable to confess in front of them. Ajooni claims that you are aware that they will kill me if I do not expose them; thus, would you assist me in this matter? If you don’t say something, it won’t be long before I’m no longer here. It’s okay, Champa says; just pardon me, and I’ll confess whatever you want to hear.

Bebe suggests to Rajveer that he should express his regrets to both his mother and his brother. Rajveer claims that he will apologise to his mother, but not to Harvinder despite the fact that he has the ability to do so. When Ajooni walks in, he is about to apologise to Harman, but he stops himself. She claims that as my mother-in-law, she has the right to reprimand me, but who gave her the authority to attempt to take my life? Bebe tells her to be quiet and walks away. Ajooni claims that I am able to provide evidence that she has been actively attempting to injure and even murder me over the past few days. Rajveer appears to be taken aback. Ajooni claims that she was also responsible for the geezer attack. According to Harman, it was just a coincidence; I was not even there. According to Ajooni, there just isn’t enough time for all of these events to be mere coincidences. Harman claims that this girl is blaming her mistakes on me for no apparent reason. She tells Ravindra that she didn’t do anything, and that she doesn’t see why he would think she would try to harm her daughter-in-law. She reassures Rajveer that I have done nothing wrong. Ravindra jumps up and slaps her hard. Everyone is taken aback. Ravindra confronts Harman with the question, “Why are you crying to establish your innocence?” after Harman has shed some tears. Ajooni says don’t hurt her. Harman tells her to be quiet and acknowledges that she is to blame for his insult. Bebe confronts Ajooni with the challenge of proving her assertions. According to Ajooni, there was water on the shelf, and it was dripping down onto the burner. Rajveer claims that I verified it, and the area in question did not have any water leaks. Ravindra reveals to Ajooni that she will face consequences as a result of her dishonesty. You have to demonstrate that you are correct. Ajooni asserts that I am in possession of a witness who assisted Harman. Bebe wants to know who it is. Ajooni calls Champa over to that location. Rajveer encourages her to speak her mind without fear and reveal the truth. Champa says Harman.. She tells Ajooni that she cannot lie to her and that she does not want any of your money. Ajooni is taken aback and inquires as to what it is that you are talking about. Bebe hears Champa say, “I can’t lie to you, my sister got burned in the village, and I needed money so Ajooni gave me that if I provide a phoney statement against Harman.” Champa explains to Bebe that she needs the money since her sister was burned in the village. The conversation continues with Ajooni accusing Rajveer’s friend of lying, saying, “She told me all this, and now she has changed her statement; you trust me, Rajveer, right?” Rajveer looks on.


As a kind of punishment, Harman makes Ajooni wash her feet repeatedly. PRECAP: Ajooni responds, “I have washed your feet, but I won’t lose my self-respect like this.” She then asks Ajooni to sip the water, but he refuses to do so. Rajveer is the one who puts a stop to her and says, “I will decide.” He is the one who drinks the nasty water so that Ajooni won’t have to. She is taken aback by it.

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