Anandiba Aur Emily [9th August 2022] Written Update

Anandiba Aur Emily 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Anandi is shown attempting to unwind by practising yoga. Gulab comes up to her and provokes her so that she will slap him. It is at this point that she requests that he leave. He requests that she simply keep her word and slap him in order to fulfil the promise. It’s time to leave, she yells. It’s over for him. After a while, she finds her composure. Gunjan sees Anandi doing yoga. It is Emily that she visits. He requests that she go to Anandi because she wants flowers there. The journey is taken by Emily. As soon as she saw Anandi, the words that Gunjan had spoken came back to her. Pinky is halted by Gunjan, who advises her not to continue on her way because this is all part of the plan. Emily hastily makes her way to the kitchen. She walks in and grabs the jar containing the white powder. She inquires of Anandi regarding the churan’s possession. Anandi doesn’t listen. The churan and the water are given to her by Emily. She gets a rebuke from Anandi. Emily mentioned that you started feeling better very quickly. Every single person will be there. Emily claims that Anandi experienced an asthma attack, so I gave the churan to her. Aarav confronts me with the question, “Why did you hide this illness from me? I will get you treated, and we will go to America.” According to Anandi, I did not experience any significant events. Emily claims that I thought you were having an asthma attack when I saw you breathing like that. Anandi says I was doing yoga. Emily reports that she learned this information from Gunjan and Pinky. Do not tell me that you went into the kitchen to retrieve the white churan, as Gunjan claims that you overheard us discussing our mother. Emily affirms that this is true, and that she helped her take it from the refrigerator. Gunjan asks what. Emily insisted that it was necessary for me to visit the location. Gunjan inquires as to why you disobeyed Anandi’s order and demands an explanation. Emily gets reprimanded by Anandi. Gunjan requests that she take a deep breath and relax.

Emily, according to Gunjan, you could have gotten more information from me if you had asked. Pinky informed me that Emily tried to reach you. Gunjan says maybe she didn’t call me aloud. Gunjan, Anandi’s response is that Emily made a mistake when she disobeyed my orders and went into the kitchen anyway; therefore, Emily must leave this residence. Emily breaks down into tears as she thinks about what Anandi said. Aarav rehearses telling Anandi that he will accompany Emily by saying it to himself first. Jaman comes. Aarav has informed me that my wish will soon come true, and that in addition to Emily, I will travel to the United States. Please issue my visa. You are not permitted to travel to the United States, according to Jaman. Aarav inquires as to the reasoning behind your statement. According to Jaman, your visa application for the United States has been delayed. Emily can’t go there by herself since Aarav says it’s dangerous; it’s my responsibility to prevent her from doing so. Emily is acquainted with all of the people. She has the impression that Anandi’s affection is beyond my reach. Aarav says no, I won’t let you go. He leaps over Gulab and says, “I pushed you to save your life; the chandelier was falling.” Gulab implores him to get out of there as quickly as possible. He gets up. Although the chandelier is quite a distance away, Gulab claims that you pushed her. Aarav has stated, “I was afraid you would be hurt.”

Anandi comes to Aarav’s defence and affirms that he had good intentions. According to Aarav, intent is everything, and one shouldn’t be punished if they had a good intention when they did something wrong. Anandi says yes, mistake can happen. Emily is the one who should be forgiven, according to his request. According to him, she had a legitimate fear that you were going to attack her. Gunjan claims that she ought to have gotten in touch with me. Pinky informed me that she tried to reach you by phone. Aarav defends Emily. According to him, she did that to keep you from dying. Anandi says you are right. Gunjan maintains that she did not commit a significant error; however, because she broke Anandi’s rules by entering the kitchen, she is not deserving of forgiveness. Anandi has confirmed this, but she believes that expelling her would be a mistake. As a result, I have made the decision to allow her to continue living here, but we will have no further contact. Emily advises against carrying out her suggestion. Gunjan says Anandi is punishing you. Anandi claims that I won’t engage in conversation with or listen to her. The tears are falling from Emily.


Emily demonstrates that the form has been filled out. It is Emily’s fault, according to Anandi, that we will fail this time. Emily is confident that I will emerge victorious from the competition.

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