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Anupama 12th August 2022 Written Update on

In the latest instalment, Vanraj is taken to the intensive care unit (ICU). Eventually, he comes to and regains consciousness. Kavya shares the information that Varaj is regaining consciousness with Leela, Samar, Hasmuk, and Paritosh. Samar claims that Vanraj is experiencing discomfort due to something. When Vanraj thinks back to the time he spent with Anuj, he smiles. Anuj requests that Vanraj move the vehicle to the side. The vehicle comes to a halt when Vanraj stops it. Anuj confronts Vanraj with the question of whether or not he is afraid of having a conversation with him. Vanraj asserts that he does not experience any fear in his presence. He accuses Anuj of attempting to take his place as the primary parental figure in the life of his child. Anuj maintains that he didn’t go back on his word and break his promise. He requests that the conversation continue with Vanraj on his behalf because he needs to get back to his family. Vanraj accuses him of kidnapping his wife and children. According to him, his entire family visited him during the festival of Raksha Bandhan. When Anuj tells Vanraj that the fact that his family is with him is not due to any mistake on his part, Vanraj listens. He adds Shahs keep doing drama. Anuj inquires after Vanraj’s goals by inquiring about his desires.

Anuj has been tasked by Vanraj with persuading Anupama to break ties with the Shah family. Anuj has stated that he, too, would like for the Shahs and the Kapadias to get together occasionally. Vanraj insists that there is never an exception to this rule. Anuj questions Vanraj’s authority to impose his will on others by asking who he thinks he is. Anuj is admonished by Vanraj to quiet down and focus on what he is saying. Vanraj overhears Anuj telling him that despite the fact that he does not personally obey Hasmuk’s command, he wants everyone else to understand him. Vanraj holds Anupama responsible for the abduction of Hasmuk in this accusation. Anuj and Vanraj’s fight gets intense. Back to the real world, and Vanraj is becoming increasingly agitated. The doctor is providing treatment for him. Kavya is concerned that something unfortunate might occur with Vanraj. Anupama asks Kavya to stay positive.

Kavya is curious about the source of Anupama’s incredible strength and asks her about it. Anupama mentions that Kanta has instilled in her the importance of maintaining a positive attitude. She continues by saying that Vanraj and Anuj are safe and nothing will happen to them. Anupama is given the news by the doctor that her son Anuj’s brain has a clot, and that he will need surgery. He mentions the danger that could occur. Anupama requests that the doctor perform emergency surgery on him and make every effort to save his life. When she comes across Anuj, she tells him that they have already been through significant conflicts, and that they will get through this one, too.

Anuj is taken in for the procedure to be performed. Anupama and GK see Anuj. Anupama offered up prayers to God asking for Anuj’s speedy recovery. The doctor and his colleagues talk about the complications that could arise during the operation. He cautions the individual who is junior to him to exercise extreme caution. In a different part of the hospital, Vanraj starts to come to again. Samar console Anupama. Ankush asks Adhik about Barkha. He has made it clear that he will not show any leniency toward Barkha if she is responsible for the incident.

Shahs meet Vanraj. When Vanraj thinks back on the event once more, he can’t help but feel unsettled. Shahs meet Vanraj. Adhik has a conversation with Ankush and tells him that in Anuj’s absence, they are the ones who need to handle the situation. Anupama gaze at Ankush and Adhik. [Episode Ends]


An upsetting recap: Vanraj admits to Anupama that he was the one who pushed Anuj off the edge of the cliff. Samar over hears Anupama and Vanraj’s talk. Leela begs Anupama not to put Vanraj in jail for pushing Anuj off the cliff. Anupama is reluctant to listen to Leela’s request.

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