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Anupama 13th August 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Hasmuk and Leela meet Vanraj. Kavya has a conversation with Paritosh, during which she expresses to him how challenging it is for parents to witness the condition of their child. Vanraj reportedly received some sort of pain medication from the doctor. Hasmuk asks Vanraj to get well soon. He compliments him on his strength and notes that he has a lot going on in his life. Vanraj asks about Anuj. Hasmuk is supposed to let Vanraj know that Anuj is currently undergoing surgery. Vanraj is urged by Leela not to be concerned. She goes on to say that she has a hard time believing he would intentionally hurt Anuj in any way. Leela declares that she will not believe anything, not even if God himself appears before her and explains things.

The care of GK falls to Anupama. Ankush asks Barkha’s update from Adhik. According to Adhik, he is unable to communicate with Barkha at this time. Anupama deserves Paritosh’s backing and support. He says that he is aware that Samar is the one who always comes to her aid, but he is there with her this time. Hasmuk, Leela, Gk, and Kavya, along with the other people, are going to be thirsty, so Anupama asks Paritosh to bring them some juice and biscuits. The juice is for Anupama, so Paritosh gives it to her. Samar console Anupama. Anupama feels weak.

Anu miss Anuj. Dolly is strongly encouraged by Kinjal to transport Anu to the nearest medical facility. She claims that Anu’s traumatic experience cannot be deciphered in any way. It has been determined by Dolly that Anu and Pakhi need to go to the hospital. Anuj had left a message for Anupama, as Anupama remembered. The message is examined by her. Anuj is finally able to let Anupama know how he feels about her. Samar takes Anupama to Anu and Pakhi. Anupama reports that after drinking juice she felt weak, but after seeing Anu and Pakhi she is feeling good. Pakhi says to Anupama that she saw Vanraj in ICU. Pakhi is urged by Anupama not to fret, as Anupama is confident that Vanraj will recover soon.

Pakhi says that she is sorry for disrespecting Anuj and that she will apologise to him as soon as he regains consciousness. She reassures Anupama that nothing will happen to Anuj and tells her not to worry about the situation. Anu gives family snap to Anupama. Once Anuj regains consciousness, she requests that Anupama force him to put on a bracelet for her. Anupama is urged by Dolly to relax her concerns regarding Pakhi. Pakhi tells Anupama not to be concerned about Anu, and he tells her not to worry about Pakhi. Anupama asks Samar to drop Dolly, Pakhi and Anu.

Kavya meet Vanraj. Vanraj asks Kavya to call Anupama. Anupama meet Vanraj. An attempt is made by Vanraj to convey the story of the cliff fall to Anupama. Samar overhears Anupama and Vanraj’s talk. Anupama is the target of his challenge. It is impossible for Vanraj to throw Anuj off the cliff, according to Anupama. In this way, she demonstrates her trust in Vanraj. Vanraj allegedly confronted, according to Samar. According to Anupama, he only told part of the truth.

Barkha approaches Ankush and Adhik with inquiries regarding Anuj and Vanraj. Ankush inquires of Barkha as to whether or not she is the one responsible for Anuj’s condition. Barkha reassures Adhik that she does not have a criminal background. As Vanraj is making progress in his recovery, the attending physician has asked Paritosh to select a ward for him so that he can be moved as soon as possible. Anupama entrusts Paritosh with the task of finding Vanraj the most suitable accommodation. According to Leela, they are unable to pay for the expensive room. Anupama approaches Paritosh with a request, asking him to bring Hasmuk and Leela to their residence. [Episode Ends]


Precap: Leela urges Anupama. Vanraj is the one she is pleading with her not to lock up.

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