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In yesterday’s edition, Anupama is shown looking at the photographs that were given to her by Anu, and she expresses her longing for her family. Anuj arrives and inquires of Anupama regarding her emotional state. Anupama pretends strong. Anuj inquires of Anupama as to whether or not she now understands why he used to chat to her. Anupama challenges Anuj to a battle of wits. She makes the decision to be courageous. Pakhi and Adhik had a conversation together. Pakhi is the one whom Adhik questions regarding Vanraj’s state of mind before to their encounter with Anuj. Pakhi asks Adhik if he doubts on Vanraj. Adhik says no. He hopes that Anuj will get better soon. Pakhi is worried about what will happen if Anuj does not regain consciousness. Adhik sit astonished.
The state of Anuj’s health deteriorates. The physicians advise Anuj to take a breath. Anupama challenges Anuj to a battle of wits. Come on, Leela, and have a chat with Anupama. It is made plain that she is not present in order to mock her. Whatever might have transpired at the cliff, Leela insists that Vanraj is not to blame for anything. She goes on to say that a mother is never in a position to accuse her child. Leela tries to convince Anupama that Kavya has already filed a complaint. She claims that she had every intention of ending their relationship, but now, for the sake of Vanraj, she is trying to persuade her to change her mind. Leela begs Anupama not to throw Vanraj in jail while putting her palms together in front of Anupama. Her tears fall. Anupama asks Leela to relax. Leela feels restless.

Barkha meet Anupama. She comforts Anupama and inquires as to the reason she took Anuj to the city hospital. Anupama sit stunned. Barkha adds that it is OK for them to bring them in during an emergency; nevertheless, they might have transferred them to another hospital in order to undergo surgery. Barkha is informed by Anupama that now is not the time to discuss the hospital by Anupama.

The doctor tells Anupama and the others that the operation on Anuj was successful, but they are less hopeful if he does not regain consciousness in a short amount of time. Anupama stand startled. Kavya offers Anupama her backing and assistance. Anupama inquires of the surgeon regarding the success of the operation. The doctor explains to Anupama that a patient’s precise state can be deciphered once he or she has returned from the operating room.
Anupama sees Anuj and gets emotional. She inquires to the doctor about the possibility that Anuj is merely resting. The doctor has stated that they are unable to comment at this time. Kavya console Anupama. Anu video calls Anupama. She issues a demand to Anupama that she be allowed to meet Anuj. Anu requests that Anupama force Anuj to wear the bracelet that she has crafted for him. She tells Anupama not to worry about anything.

During Barkha’s conversation with Ankush, she conveys to him her request to run the company in Anuj’s absence. She requests that Ankush take the role of the opportunist at this time. Gk overhears Barkha and Ankush as they are conversing.

Kavya inquires of Anupama regarding the possibility that Vanraj was involved in the cliff catastrophe. Anupama recall Vanraj’s confession. She encourages Kavya to hold off on her impatience. She makes the decision to remain silent until they are all aware of the complete truth. Because he summoned Anuj to the cliff, Anupama believes that Vanraj owes her an answer. [Episode Ends]


It was said by Barkha that Vanraj should be disciplined. Anupama side Vanraj. Barkha asks Anupama if she still love Vanraj. Anupama tells Barkha that she should thank her stars that someone at the hospital asked a question about her character, since if it hadn’t been for that, Barkha would have reacted in a way that Anupama couldn’t have imagined.

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