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Anupama 16th August 2022 Written Update on

In the last segment, Barkha reveals that Anuj was involved in an accident, but he did not report it to the authorities. Barkha is informed by Kavya that there is no need for an investigation because Kavya was a witness to the incident and she herself saw what happened. Kavya is informed by Barkha that the investigation would be terminated due to the fact that it is against Vanraj. The conversation continues with Paritosh asking Barkha if she meant to imply that Vanraj shoved Anuj and then jumped off later on as well. He is interested in having a conversation on logic. Barkha has stated that all she wants is an investigation by the police. Leela’s response to Barkha is as follows. She confronts Barkha with the question of whether or not her care for Anju is based on the fact that he owns property.

Barkha has expressed her desire to observe Vanraj performing his duties behind the bar. She went on to say that she doesn’t care who else is travelling to the jail with Vanraj because she isn’t concerned about it. Barkha tells Vanraj, his parents, or his children, or anybody else who wants to save Vanraj, that they may all go to jail with him if they want to. Anupama stops Barkha. Her allegiance was with the Shahs. Barkha’s anger boils over, and she begins to cast doubt on Anupama’s integrity. She inquires of Anupama as to whether or not she continues to harbour any feelings for Vanraj. Barkha continues by saying that this demonstrates that she supports Anupama.

Anupama tells Barkha that she ought to thank her lucky stars that she accused her of wrongdoing at the hospital, because if she hadn’t, Anupama would have demonstrated to Barkha what happens whenever anybody tries to smear her reputation. Leela claims that she has enough evidence to accuse Anuj of pushing Vanraj, who would then have fallen afterwards.

The Shahs and the Kapadias engage in heated debate with one another. Anuj allegedly was threatened by Vanraj in front of everyone, according to Adhik. Paritosh side Vanraj. Barkha becomes steadfast in her determination to submit a complaint. She continues by saying that she will bring destruction upon anybody attempts to come between them. Barkha is told by Anupama that she is free to pursue whatever interests or goals that she chooses. Additionally, she receives a phone call from the doctor.

Anupama runs to sees Anuj. Anuj regains consiousness. Anupama gets elated. The happiness that Shahs feels is palpable. When she loses her cool, Barkha is outraged. Because she has been waiting for such a long time, Anupama wakes Anuj up and tells him to get up. She put the finishing touches on the jewellery that Anu had given her. Anupama asks Anuj to wake up. She plays the audio message that Anu left for him for him to hear. Anuj opens his eyes. He is unable to hide his feelings for Anupama and must tell her.

Anupama feels thrilled says I love you to Anuj back. Barkha is under the impression that fate is on Anuj and Anupama’s side as he is expected to regain consciousness shortly. She recommends that Anupama get Anuj’s confirmation of the cliff incident before he nods off for the second time. Anuj gets to meet the family thanks to Anupama. Handshakes are exchanged between the Shahs and the Kapadias. When Anuj thinks back to the episode with the cliff, he starts to feel antsy. (Episode Ends)


Anupama is informed by Vanraj that whatever has occurred was not appropriate, and the conversation concludes with this statement. Anupama loses her temper with Vanraj and threatens to raise her hand if he continues talking. She tells him to be quiet or she would do so. In addition, she attributes the current state of Anuj to Vanraj’s negligence.

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