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Anupama 18th August 2022 Written Update on

In the episode that airs today, Anupama breaks down into tears after seeing Anuj. Kavya feels awful. Along with Kavya, Paritosh, Leela, and Hasmuk, Vanraj eventually makes his way back to his house. It is with great pleasure that Dolly, Rakhi, Jignesh, and Kinjal greet Vanraj. Leela requests that Vanraj begin by offering prayers to the heavenly beings. Vanraj is concerned about Anuj’s well-being and includes him in his prayers. Vanraj receives a reprimand from Anu because of his reckless driving. She requests that Vanraj drive more safely starting the next time they are together. Anuj makes a fool of himself by imitating Vanraj and saying, “Well, he is back.” An enthusiastic embrace is bestowed upon Anu by Vanraj. Anu calls Vanraj, Anuj’s friend. Vanraj melt hearing Anu.

Anupama play a game with Anuj. She claims that she was victorious in the game, and at this point she wants him to come to his senses. Anuj’s body responds. After asking Anupama to drive him back home, he passes out again and wakes up in the hospital. Anupama calls out for doctor. Samar console Anupama. Barkha chat with Ankush and Adhik. She makes the decision to act in a manner that is advantageous to the scenario and goes against the Shahs. When Vanraj claims that he is unable to recall the accident, Barkha accuses him of telling lies. Ankush confronts her with the question of why she is acting in such a manner. The statement was made by Barkha for the benefit of Adhik and Sara. It appears that she is requesting GK. Adhik claims that GK has been extremely reticent recently, and he is at a loss to understand him. Due to the fact that she will be going to the hospital to check on her own condition, Barkha requests that Adhik ask GK to take care of the meal preparations.

Anuj appeared to briefly regain her awareness, and Anupama reported this to the attending physician. The physician notes that it is completely typical for the patient to come out of their coma and then go back into it again. As Anuj was pleading with her, Anupama asked Doctor if it would be possible for her to take him home. The doctor claims that treating a patient like Anuj is challenging. He insists that the only one who should bring Anuj back to their house is she, provided that she is capable of providing complete care for Anuj. Anupama comes to the conclusion that she should bring Anuj back to their residence.

Kinjal is curious about why Vanraj is drinking so much tea, so he asks Vanraj the question. According to Vanraj, he was not allowed to drink tea while he was in the hospital. Jignesh, tell me about the festival of Janamashtmi. The Shahs come to the conclusion that all they need to do is celebrate Janamashtmi and pray for Anuj. Since Janamashtmi and Vanraj’s birthday both come on the same day, Vanraj hopes that Anuj will regain consciousness before the holiday. Leela implores Vanraj to release any feelings of remorse he may have.

Anupama shares the news with Ankush that she is going to bring Anuj back with her. Barkha gets irked. Leela decide to pray to God. Leela is requested by Vanraj to pray for Anuj. It causes him a great deal of concern that Anuj is not feeling well. Anupama is the one who ultimately gets Anuj back into the house. Anu welcomes Anuj. She is honest about the fact that she has been missing him. Anupama asks Anuj to wake up. Anu, GK, Hasmuk, Samar, Paritosh, and even Ankush are the ones who are pleading with Anuj to wake up. Hasmuk is questioned by Anu over the group’s intentions regarding their return. Hasmuk nods. Barkha makes fun of Vanraj for bringing Anuj so close to the edge of the cliff. When he is provoked, Paritosh becomes agitated. Hasmuk is able to prevent Paritosh from making any response. He requests that Paritosh keep Anupama and the Shahs in the dark regarding the taunt that the Barkha made.

Vanraj is troubled by the possibility that he may be responsible for Anuj’s predicament. Leela tries to calm Vanraj. [Episode Ends]


Anupama and Barkha get into an argument, during which Barkha declares that she, too, does not trust Anupama. Barkha is the target of an intimidation attempt by Anupama.

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