Anupama [1st September 2022] Written Update

Anupama 1st September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Vanraj makes the conscious decision to hang up on his sobbing and give Paritosh a call. Paritosh dials Vanraj’s number and has a conversation with him. He inquires as to whether or not Kinjal is alright. Paritosh is informed of some uplifting information by Vanraj. The news that Paritosh is going to have a baby makes him very happy. He decides to meet Kinjal. Tell someone that Paritosh needs to make his way back to the house. A lullaby is being sung by Anupama and Leela to the baby. When Leela saw the baby’s cloth, it made her feel uncomfortable. Leela learns from Anupama and Kavya that such clothing is reserved for infants in the hospital, and that the hospital only provides it to them. Anupama sends a message to Anuj in which she inquires about his state of health. Anuj assuages Anupama’s concerns by assuring her that everything is in order. Informing the Shahs that Paritosh will be arriving shortly is one of Vanraj’s responsibilities. When Rakhi finds out that Partiosh is not there, she is completely taken aback. Concerned about Paritosh, she makes some inquiries. Anupama extends an invitation to Rakhi to be the first one to greet the new arrival. Rakhi witnesses her presenting the infant.

When Rakhi sees the infant, she starts to shed some tears. Samar asserts that Paritosh is failing to seize the opportunity before him. Vanraj tries to comfort Rakhi and tells her not to cry because if she does, their kid would start laughing. Rakhi confronts Vanraj with the request that he cease making fun of her. Rakhi is the recipient of the newborn child that Anupama has given to her. Have a good hold on the child, Rakhi. When she first sees the newborn, she is overcome with emotion. In this conversation, Rakhi discusses Partiosh. Anupama tells Rakhi to quit worrying about Paritosh because he will be back in a short amount of time. The late arrival of Paritosh enrages Rakhi, and she lashes out at him. Anupama urges Rakhi to stop spoiling her mood. Rakhi is admonished by Vanraj to stop harping on Paritosh and instead take in the scenery and revel in the present moment. Anupama delivers a juice to Rakhi. Rakhi hugs Anupama. Rakhi and Anupama are posed for a photograph by Leela, who requests that Samar snap the shot.

The nurse requests that Shahs leave the room because a doctor round is about to take place. After some consideration, Leela made the decision to remain with Kinjal. Pakhi had the intention of posting a picture of their kid on social media, but Vanraj prevents her from doing so. After Rakhi receives her discharge from the hospital, she makes the decision to bring Kinjal and the baby with her. The absence of Paritosh is not the only thing that seems to be troubling Rakhi, according to Anupama and Vanraj. Anupama says Rakhi is hiding something. When Paritosh watches the recordings of the infant, he cannot help but feel a sense of joy.

Anu strongly recommends that Anuj take her to the hospital as soon as possible. Anuj gets enraged on Anu. GK claims that the house is a complete mess because Anupama is not there. Anuj notices the lamp and speculates that it might fall from the ceiling. He gets up to put the oil on, but then he trips and falls. Adhik, Ankush and Barkha help Anuj. Anuj gets enraged. It is at this point that he requests that Barkha and Ankush keep the incident’s details a secret from Anupama. During Anupama’s absence, Ankush has decided to take care of Anuj by themselves. When Anupama found Rakhi, she found her munching on some chocolates. She inquires as to what Rakhi is experiencing by asking her what the problem is. Rakhi has tears in her eyes. Concern for Partiosh is always there in Anupama’s mind. Rakhi makes an effort to provide information about Paritosh, but she is unsuccessful.


Paritosh has now returned. Rakhi confronts Paritosh on the subject of him being in the hotel with a female companion. Anupama is able to listen in on the conversation that is taking place between Rakhi and Paritosh.

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