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The episode start with:

Anupama tells Hasmuk that she is sorry and that she needs to check up on Anuj before she can continue. Hasmuk’s return to the house is something that she requests of him. Hasmuk receives the reassurance from Anupama that she will get in touch with him if she requires anything for the celebration of Janmashtami. Hasmuk, Samar, and Paritosh go their separate ways and exit the location. Ankush says Anupama is going crazy. He goes on to say that they ought to get to work as soon as they possibly can. Anuj’s birthday is coming up, and according to Barkha, the two of them are planning to give Anupama a present then.

Both Anupama and Anu are getting eager for the upcoming celebrations of Janmashtami and Anuj’s birthday. Both Barkha and Ankush have indicated that they intend to carry out their plan in the near future. Anu inquires of Anupama as to the motivation behind her preparation of three crowns for Lord Krishna. Anupama explains to Anu. She continues by explaining that God will punish those who disobey him when they do something really egregious. Anu poses the hypothetical question of what might happen if God missed a punishment. Anupama explains that it is the obligation of the people living on earth to instruct them in a certain way.

The room of Anuj was outfitted with a camera by Ankush and Barkha. Anupama allows Barkha. She inquires as to whether or not she can be seen without difficulty. Shilpa laughs. Shilpa provokes Barkha’s wrath, and she decides to terminate her employment. Anupama side Shilpa. She claims that she has complete faith in Shilpa, which is the reason why she has chosen her to be Anuj’s nurse. Anupama, please add that Barkha requested permission to fix the camera, and she granted it; as a result, Shilpa will now work for them.

The argument between Barkha and Ankush becomes increasingly heated. Anupama apologised to Shilpa. Shilpa implores Anupama not to feel guilty or ashamed about what has happened. Anupama receives reassurance from her that she is successful in her work from her. Anupama claims that she has complete confidence in the individual. Shilpa says thank you to Anupama.

After talking to Ankush, Barkha relays the information that Anupama did not have any objections regarding the repair of the camera. Ankush claims that he was under the impression that Anupama would react strongly to the situation, but she did not. Barkha claims that Anupama is toying with her thoughts by engaging in such activities. She also mentions that Anupama fixed the camera, but she wasn’t able to dismiss the nurse because of her interference. Barkha and Ankush come to the conclusion that they need to instruct Anupama on something.

Vanraj asks Hasmuk about Anuj. Hasmuk assuages Vanraj’s concerns by reassuring him that Anuj is doing well. Vanraj decide to meet Anuj. Paritosh prevents Vanraj from travelling to Anuj since he knows that Barkha will cause a fuss if she does see him. Vanraj gets restless. Cake for Anuj’s birthday is being prepared by Anupama, along with Anu, and GK. Ankush and Barkha are keeping a watchful check on Anuj’s room. Anupama expresses her gratitude to Barkha for installing the camera in Anuj’s room so that she can view him even when she is not physically present in Anuj’s presence. Barkha gets irked.

Ankush and Barkha have discussions with their attorney and prepare the necessary legal paperwork to bring charges against Anupama. Vanraj is under the impression that Anu is holding him accountable for hurting Anuj. It seems as though he can’t settle down. Vanraj decide to see Anuj. Leela stops Vanraj from visiting Anuj. Vanraj tells Leela in a fib that he is not going to Anuj’s house because he has other plans. In addition to this, he makes the decision to talk to Anuj. The birthday of Anuj was celebrated by Anupama, along with GK, Anu, and Shilpa.

Anupama wishes for a miracle. Vanraj has anxiety on the search for the truth. Both Ankush and Barkha had a piece of legal paperwork read to them.


the police have arrived at the Shah residence. Leela is under the impression that Barkha is the one who lodged the complaint against Vanraj. Anupama alerts Barkha. In addition, she looks out for Anuj’s interests.

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