Anupama [21st November 2022] Written Update

Anupama 21st November 2022 Written Update On

Anupama 21st November 2022

In Aunpama, Nimrit tells Anuj, She, that his parents were against his marriage, but his mother called him. Anuj says well. Dimple says he’s happy that at least one family has agreed. She asks Dimple to always remember that her parents always love them. Dimple says they were excited to meet Nimrit’s family, but the bus had a flat tire and they were stranded.

Anupama asks Dimple not to worry as they will be dropped safely. Anuj stops the car in a motorway service station. Dimple tells Nimrit that Anuj and She are great. She tells Anuj that Dimple and Nimrit are good.

Anuj, Anupama, Dimple and Nimrit share a table in a restaurant. Jeep guys interfere. Anuj decides to teach the boys a lesson. She stops Anuj. Dimple orders food for her. She advises Dimple to order the limited food he can run out. Dimple realizes her mistake. The boys click on Dimple’s photo with no acknowledgment of her. Dimple misses her family. She dimple Consul. Also, she decides to call Anu and GK.

Anupama Today’s Episode Online:

Anupama sees the children watching them. Anuj calls Anu. She, Anuj talks to Anu. Samar asks Partiosh if it is good news that Kinjal recommended him to work with him. Paritosh praises Kinjal. He says working with Kinjal will be a pleasure. Samar says Kinjal is like  Her. Paritosh is compared to Vanraj. Samar encourages Paritosh. Paritosh says Kinjal drives so much.

He is proud that Kinjal manages both the house and the peer. Pakhi asks for food. Paritosh and Samar get annoyed. Pakhi sees Samar and Paritosh and gets angry too. They decide to hide from her until he returns from the trip.

The boys make fun of Anupama, Anuj, Dimple and Nimrit. Anuj asks her to call Hasmuk.  She says Hasmuk is unreachable. Anuj asks har to call Samar. Samar and Paritosh decide to hide the truth about Pakhi from her. She comes to know that Pakhi has moved near Shah’s house. She gets annoyed.

The boys make fun of Dimple. Anuj gets angry and decides to teach the boys a lesson because they misbehave.  She controls Anuj. Dimple excuses himself to go to the bathroom. She accompanies Dimple. Dimple asks about Pakhi. Samar, Paritosh helps Adhik.

Anupama Lastest New Full Episode:

Pakhi believes that she has approached Shahs as she knows that Vanraj cannot see her pain of her. She thinks that  she has destroyed her dream of having fun in Kapadia mansion and yet she won’t work because she is a princess.

Dimple shares a chat with Anupama. She, Dimple is being chased by a boy.


Dimple gives a rant to the guy out there. The boys come to Dimple by being mean to her. She, Anuj tries to save Dimple, Nimrit. Hooligans beat Anuj, Anupama

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