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The episode start with:

the doctor reveals to Anupama that Anuj is only partially conscious. He urges Anupama to pray to God that Anuj’s health won’t deteriorate any further, and he prays that the prayer is answered. Anupama gets happy. The doctor advises Anupama to maintain a healthy environment around Anuj and to refrain from placing any additional stress on him. Anupama approaches Doctor with the proposition that she would like to bring him down for the celebration of Janmashtami as well as his birthday. When the doctor gives permission. Anupama gets elated.

Pakhi is asked by Adhik what the cause of her sadness is. Pakhi reports that Vanraj was preventing everyone from going to the Kapadia’s, but that on this day he wanted to go to Anuj. Pakhi overhears Adhik discussing the possibility of Vanraj paying them a visit. He is under the impression that Vanraj is capable of playing a catalytic role in Barkha’s scheme. Adhik continues by saying that unless they bring both of their families back together, they would not be able to move forward with their relationship. Pakhi filed a complaint with Adhik about his disrespectful behaviour toward her family. Pakhi receives an assurance from Adhik that he will exercise caution from this point forward. He gets irked.

Anu is decked up like Lord Krishna. Anupama gets mesmerised. In addition to that, she is Anuj’s business manager and is available on call. Anu inquires of Anupama regarding the attendance of the Shahs during the celebration of the event. Anupama stands mum. Anu affirmed that her understanding was correct and that no member of the Shah family would be paying them a visit. She gets upset. Barkha spoke with Anupama. She claims that her festival will be lacking something essential if Shahs are not there. Barkha is asked by Anupama not to be concerned about her well-being. Anupama hears about it through Barkha, who says that Vanraj intends to pay them a visit. She is under the impression that if Vanraj were to show there, everyone would have a better time. Anupama alerts Barkha. Barkha has a conversation with Ankush, during which she predicts that Anupama’s stuff will be destroyed in the near future. Anupama declines some initiatives in Anuj’s absence.

The gifts that the Shahs receive in preparation for the Janmashtami ceremony. Vanraj decide to visit Anuj. When Shahs sees the inspector, he is completely taken aback. There is a search for Shah being conducted by Inspector. Leela is under the impression that Barkha was the one who lodged the complaint. Hasmuk inquires of the Inspector regarding the person who he is trying to locate. Vanraj gets afraid. To Kavya, the fact that Vanraj appears to be frightened suggests that he is either covering up the truth or fabricating his claim that he does not recall the cliff incident. After knowing that the inspector isn’t searching for Vanraj, Shahs feels a sense of relief and peace.

In a different location, Anupama is helping Anuj prepare for the festival of Janmashtami. She pays careful attention to his appearance. Following the conclusion of the celebration, Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik come to the conclusion that they will carry out their plan. Kavya tries to console Vanraj. Vanraj sit mum. Kavya decode Vanraj is glancing at door suggests he is preparing to visit Anuj. Concerned about Anuj, she tries to remain strong. On the occasion of Janmashmatani, the Shahs intend to participate in game playing.

Anupama feels smitten watching Anuj in Lord Krishna costume. She makes the conscious decision to prepare herself in order to captivate Anuj as well. Anupama begs God for a speedy recovery for Anuj as she prays. Shahs engage in gaming and find enjoyment in it. Vanraj is on the lookout for a window of opportunity to travel to Anuj.


Anupama celebrates the holiday of Janmashtami by breaking into song and dance. Vanraj meet Anuj. Barkha seizes the opportunity and gives Vanraj and Anupama a piece of her mind during the conversation.

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