Anupama [22nd November 2022] Written Update

Anupama 22nd November 2022 Written Update On

Anupama 22nd November 2022


In Anupama, Dimple asks the boy why he clicked on the picture. She requests to delete the picture. The boy asks her if she is sad that he didn’t click on her picture. She hides. Dimple asks the boy to click on his mother’s picture. The boy gets angry.

He tries to get physical with Anupama and Dimple. She asks Anuj for help. Anuj beat the guy in blue. The boy decides to take revenge on Anuj. Anuj says girls alone are not an opportunity but a responsibility of him.

Anuj, Anupama along with Dimple and Nimrit. Dimple and Nimrit ask Anuj to drop them on the road. Anuj, She gets worried and says they have to get out of the car at a safe place or else those boys might attack them again.

Anupama gets angry with her parents for not giving up doing good to the children. Anuj says social media is ruining everything. Nimrit thanks Anuj, she for giving them courage.

Anupama Today’s Episode Online:

Dimple regrets it and says it’s their fault even if they get into trouble. Anuj, She requests Dimple and Nimrit not to repent. Nimrit and Dimple greet Anuj, Anupama.

Anuj,  She asks Dimple and Nimrit to communicate. She worries if the cheap boys will upset Dimple and Nimrit. Dimple and Nimrit ask her not to worry.

Anupama gives a hair clip to Dimple, Nimrit. They click the photo together. She tells Dimple and Nimrit that Anu taught her to always click on good memories.

Anuj, She greeted Dimple and Nimrit.  She becomes restless. Anuj asks  her if he is okay. She says that he doesn’t feel well. Your health deteriorates. Anuj is worried about her. He asks her if she’s restless or dizzy.

Anupama Latest new Full Episode:

Anupama asks Anuj to drive fast. The boys block the path of Dimple and Nimrit. They defeated Nimrit. Some guy out there tries to be mean to Dimple. Anuj,  She comes for the rescue of Nimrit and Dimple. Anuj,  She fights with the boys. Dimple is concerned to see Nimrit unconscious. Anuj struggles to fight with boys. She helps Anuj in the fight.

The boy hit Anuj, Anupama on the head. Anuj, She falls unconscious. They find it hard to hold hands. The boy drags Dimple with him. She fails to save Dimple.

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