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The episode start with:

Anu decides to call Anuj and Anupama. GK begs Anu to depart. According to Ankush, he had no idea what to do. Anupama has also reached out to the office personnel. Barkha congratulates them on their promotion, noting that the workers will eventually report to them, so it is vital to establish rapport early on. Anupama brings Anuj. According to GK, Radha and Krishna’s love for one another never changes. Everyone becomes smitten seeing Anuj and Anupama.

Anupama does a dance for Anuj. Clapping can be heard from everyone. During the cutting of the cake, Anupama provides assistance to Anuj. Anu ate the cake that she had given him. Leela calls all of the Shahs together to perform the ritual. It appears that she is searching for Vanraj. Kavya is concerned about whether or not Vanraj visited the Kapadia residence. It is not appropriate, according to Leela, for Vanraj to go to Anuj. The decision to look for Vanraj was made by Paritosh. Everyone is taken aback when Vanraj reveals that he will be attending the puja with them. Ankush accidentally lets the papers fall to the ground. Anupama is in the process of reviewing the papers. Barkha removes the documents from Anupama’s control and asserts that they are her property. Anupama is seen departing the location.

Ankush is unable to perform any work that involves responsibility, according to Barkha. Ankush inquires about the rationale with Barkha. The papers, according to Barkha, have been dropped. She continues by saying that she is not the only one who should be fighting for this. Ankush is asked for assistance by Barkha as she transforms into the villainous person she must be in front of others. Anupama sees Barkha and Ankush. It appears to her that Anukush and Barkha are preparing something in the kitchen.

Shahs and Anupama celebrates Janmashtami. Anuj thinks back to what happened at the cliff. Vanraj justifies himself. He enters Anuj’s home in a stealthy manner. Vanraj apologised to Anuj for his error. He expresses his hope that Anuj will recover quickly so that he may be with Anu and Anupama. Astonished expressions may be seen on Anupama and the others. Adhik sees Pakhi. After learning that Vanraj was going to take Anuj’s place, Pakhi recalled having supported Vanraj. Pakhi has finally arrived at the house. Back to the real world.

Barkha is asked by Ankush if he thinks Vanraj has lost his mind. In this context, he explains what he is doing. They’re doing well, according to Barkha. Pakhi’s decision to invite Vanraj inside the house has been criticised by Adhik, who calls it stupid. He is under the impression that Barkha purposely invited Vanraj to the residence. Rakhi made an unexpected appearance at Kapdai’s, which caught everyone off guard.

Barkha has Vanraj in custody for allegedly visiting them. She claims that Vanraj is acting as if he is completely blameless in this situation. Anupama requests of Barkha that the fight not begin on Anuj’s birthday as she asks for Anupama’s forgiveness. The topic of Anupama and Anuj’s love relationship is brought up by Barkha. Shahs visit kapadia’s. Ankush and Barkha accuse the Kapadias of making repeated visits to their home. Both Anupama and Barkha engage in heated debate with one another.

Barkha believes that Anupama has revealed her true character as Anuj has gotten vulnerable. According to Anupama, the same holds true for Barkha as well. Anupama, Barkha continues, does not yet have a clear picture of Anupama’s genuine character. She then hands the paper back to Anupama and tells her that they do not trust Anupama, and as a result, the Kapadia Empire does not consider her worthy. Anupama is frozen in place as she holds the papers in her hands.


Anupama’s frustration builds when she realises that Barkha started the altercation on purpose. Anuj comes out from coma. Anupama is the one Shilpa is trying to reach.

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