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Anuj explains to Anupama that he is taking care of everything for her because he doesn’t want Vanraj and Leela to accuse her and talk negatively about her. He asks her to avoid the Shah family for a few days, saying that even he has a limit to his patience. Anupama claims that Kinjal is about to become a mother, so how can she leave her in this predicament alone when she can take care of Mr. Shah? Anuj claims Vanraj has a mental illness and that not even he can handle him. He expresses his annoyance at Vanraj’s actions and says he doesn’t want to see his face for at least a few days. Vanraj asks if she could tolerate him for 26 years.


Vanraj is confronted by Pakhi for yelling at her, but she claims it was an accident. Vanraj yells loud enough. He is enough, Pakhi responds. Leela queries what transpired, why they are quarreling, and where Kinjal is. By God’s goodness, the baby and Kinjal are both unharmed, according to Vanraj, who claims that Pakhi had gone to a party at Anupama’s residence where Kinjal was injured. They shouldn’t have gone there, according to Leela. Vanraj advises her to tell Pakhi about it and claims that Pakhi got there by defying him. Pakhi claims that she has turned on him and that, despite his shrewd order for everyone not to go there, she will go to her mother’s house at all costs. Nobody will go there, Vanraj forewarns. Pakhi screams and flees to her room. Disappointed, Vanraj confides in Hasmukh that his kids feel trapped in his home and ashamed of it.


Anupama tells Anuj that while she can understand him, Kinjal really needs her right now. Anuj encourages her to stop protecting Vanraj and queries why Vanraj always places the blame on her. Anupama questions why she would stand up for Vanraj when she has had 26 years of suffering because of him. She even says she doesn’t want to see his face, so why would she want to treat him badly? Anuj asks her once more to stay away from the Shah family for a few days because he wants her to leave her toxic past behind. He also expresses his respect for Hasmukh and Leela but says he cannot allow Vanraj to frequently humiliate his wife because he cannot allow her goodness to become a weakness. Anupama declares she won’t allow the disagreements of the older generation to keep her kids away.


Vanraj believes he has always said that there is something between them that prevents them from breaking up since they both meddle so much in each other’s life. Previously, he had no issues with her meeting his children, but now he does. Anuj tells Anupama that he wants her to be resilient even when he is not around and that he doesn’t want her to apologise to anyone. In the same way that Anupama stood up for her maika, or parents, Barkha says she will speak up for Anuj since he is in the right. Anuj recalls Vanraj blaming Anupama and Anupama apologising as he makes his way to his room. He believes that Anupama’s issue is that she tries to see the good in everyone, but he can tell who is good and who is terrible; he cannot see her sobbing and saying sorry.


Barkha complains to Anupama that although she loves her maika, no one, not even Hasmukh, questions or stops Vanraj for doing anything wrong. Barkha is asked to put an end to this conversation by Sara. The impulse to intervene, according to Barkha, arises from her desire to prevent conflicts between Anuj and Anupama. She asks Anupama, “If you don’t like me and Ankush curse Anuj frequently, then why shouldn’t Anuj feel bad when she is humiliated?” Adhik compliments Barkha’s competitive spirit and lets Anupama know that Anuj loves her dearly. Where is Anuj in Anupama’s happiness, her children, her maika, and her preferences? wonders Barkha. Anupama remembers what Anuj and Barkha said as she walks away in silence.


Barkha is confronted by Ankush for intervening with a dispute between a husband and wife. Barkha claims that he won’t comprehend, but it was required. Ankush claims that she is unable to defend or defend him. Every time a man visits them, according to Adhik, difficulties arise. He should address Vanraj as Uncle, Sara enquires of him. She claims that they gave Vanraj cause to act both times and recalls that Barkha used to freak out despite the fact that she and Adhik had been slightly injured and had once punched a doctor. She asks Barkha if her response was appropriate in that case and how Vanraj’s response was incorrect. She queries why she can’t resolve the old issues rather than generating new ones. Sara is the youngest, yet Ankush praises her for being the wisest.


Asked by Ankush, Barkha Sara is immature and a child. When she gets older, Ankush wonders why she brought up problems with Anupama’s maika. When Barkha can point out her own maika’s error, why can’t she call out Anupama’s maika’s error, she asks. Sara claims that because of her poor timing, Anuj and Anupama will get estranged from one another. Instead, according to Barkha, it will bring them closer. Then, Sara wonders why she and her father aren’t closer because perhaps they aren’t even romantically involved. Hearing that leaves Barkha and Ankush speechless. Walking to Anuj’s room, Anupama. In the backdrop, Tu Meri Zindagi Hai is playing. She sits motionless on the bed before sobbing and hugs him firmly.


When Vanraj becomes agitated, Kavya advises Pakhi to apologise and soothe him. Pakhi says Anupama never prevented her from meeting her father and questions why she should when Vanraj is in error. If Vanraj is not in order like Anupama, Kavya asks what he can do. Vanraj, according to Pakhi, is envious because Anupama married wealthy Anuj. Kavya claims that because they are both angry right now, she will talk to them later. Pakhi nods in understanding of Adhik’s message. When someone behaves inappropriately against Anupama, Anuj apologises to her and claims he was unable to restrain himself. They had vowed to freely communicate their thoughts to one another, according to her. He claims that his approach was incorrect. She claims he was devoted. They both smile after working out their differences.



Barkha tells Anupama not to worry because married couples fight and any husband wouldn’t want his wife’s ex in her life. Anupama asserts that she and Anuj do not allow anyone to come between them and claims to have verified the bills and expenses and found that they do not add up.

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