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The episode start with:

Leela inquires of Anupama concerning the papers that Barkha handed over to her. Anupama is questioned by Barkha over her awareness of her responsibilities. According to Anupama, she is well familiar with it. The papers are smouldering in the fire. The Kapadias and the Shahs are left speechless. Anupama is questioned by Leela concerning the contents of the documents. Anupama says it is a legal notification. She continues by saying that although she is able to provide a suitable response, she does not wish to cause Anuj any further inconvenience. Anupama leads Anuj back to the room after they have their conversation. She tells Anuj not to be concerned and to disregard everything that he has heard.

Anuj feels restless. Anupama returns back to Barkha and Ankush. She then requests that Barkha proceed with her conversation. According to Barkha, whatever is stated in the legal documents, they intend to go through with. She also mentions that she had recently created a copy by burning it. Since Anupama is on Vanraj’s side, Ankush and Barkha tell her that they can no longer put their faith in her because she is supporting his campaign. They go on to say that because Anuj isn’t there, they have their doubts about whether or not Anupama will transfer the land to Vanraj and her children. Ankush asserts that he will assume control of the company because Anupama lacks any previous experience in the business world. Anupama’s spirits plummet, and she announces that in Anuj’s absence, they have begun the Mahabharata.

Concerned about Anupama, Anuj offers these words. Ankush and Barkha are in for a world of hurt after Anupama finishes with them. According to her, the advent of Lord Krishna always coincided with the beginning of the Mahabharata. Anupama prays to God. The consciousness of Anuj returns to him. After being in a coma for some time, he begins to wake up. GK requests that Shilpa place a call to Anupama. Shilpa makes a break for it and tells Anupama that Anuj has come to and is yelling for her. Anuj has regained consciousness. Anupama runs to see Anuj.

Anuj assumes Anupama’s name. Anupama reports that her supplication has been taken into consideration. When she realises that Anuj is safe, she feels relieved. Shahs and Kapadias visit Anuj also. Anuj woke awake. When he finds out about Barkha and Ankush, it completely destroys him. Both Ankush and Barkha claim that the reason they turned against Anupama is because she supported Vanraj. They assert that Vanraj made an effort to inflict harm on Anuj, which is why they opposed Anupama. Anuj tries to talk. Anupama asks Anuj to calm.

Leela maintains that Vanraj is incapable of acting inappropriately in any situation. According to Anuj, Vanraj is the one responsible for his predicament. Ankush and Barkha both claim that they had prior knowledge. Anuj asserts that this is the truth, which Barkha and Ankush intend to internalise, despite the fact that the reality is quite different. He is thinking back to what happened. The Shahs and the Kapadias have learned that Anuj’s leg slipped while he was talking, and that Vanraj sought to help him. Leela expresses her happiness and states that she was not surprised to learn that Vanraj did not commit the crime. Kavya should have apologised to Vanraj for having any scepticism about him. Vanraj should apologise to Anupama for the burden that she has had to face as a result of him.

Anuj regret trusting Barkha and Ankush. He also mentions that they were keeping him in the dark about the loss of their US business. Ankush and Barkha are left speechless as they stand there. Anu arrives just in time to offer Anuj a bear embrace. She gives Anuj strict instructions to re-slice the cake. Anu, Anupama, and Anuj each had a turn slicing the cake.


Ankush and Barkha are asked to leave the location by Vanraj in the following summary before Anuj tosses them. Since Anuj intends to do the same thing, Anupama requests that Ankush and Barkha leave the house.

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