Anupama [24th November 2022] Written Update

Anupama 24th November 2022 Written Update On

Anupama 24th November 2022

In Anupama, Anupama controls Dimpi. Dimpi lies in pieces.  She is encouraged to approach Dimpi. Dimpi collapses upon seeing her.  She cries all over. He further comforts Dimpi. Dimpi shares with Her that she regrets being a girl. He complains to God for sending her as a girl.

Anupama tells Dimpi not to regret being a girl rather she should think because the he criminals of her are not human. She apologizes to Dimpi for failing to save her. She adds that no one can share Dimpi’s pain but she will always be with her. Dimpi seeks Nirmit. She says that Nirmit is also injured and Anuj is with him.

Dimpi asks her to call the police as she wants to give her statement. He decides to react.  She decides to support Dimpi in her fight.  She encourages Dimpi. Leela cries and shares with Kavya that she loves Pakhi but her attitude annoys her. She adds more love to Pakhi, more attitude. Leela asks Kavya to stop Vanraj.

 Anupama Today’s Episode Online:

Anupama and Anuj were stunned after Nirmit withdrew the case. Nirmit says the criminal Dimpi can repeat the crime. She says the boys seem to be powerful and that she can’t stand Dimpi being questioned in court. Nirmit says he doesn’t want any cases. She was amazed.

Kavya tells Vanraj that she wants the lunch to reach Pakhi, so she will take it. Vanraj says what will happen if he personally give him Pakhi. Kavya replies that her seeing him will make Pakhi throw more tantrums. She brings the cookie box to Pakhi.

Adhik asks Pakhi to make coffee. Pachi refuses. Kavya plays and Pakhi ignores. Adhik invites Kavya to enter. Kavya gives the box to Pakhi. Pakhi says that he knew that Vanraj can’t see the princess of him upset.

 Anupama Latest new Full Episode:

Anupama and Anuj encourage Nirmit to fight alongside Dimpi. She says Dimpi is showing courage and Nirmit needs to support her. Nirmit sits dazed. Pakhi misbehaves with Kavya. Kavya tells Pakhi that she will soon taste the same medicine as her. Pakhi decides to show Shahs his place soon.

Dimpi makes his statement. She applauds Dimpi for making his fearless statement. She is proud of Dimpi. Anuj Anupama side. She greets Dimpi.

Dimpi asks Nirmit whether or not he informed his family. Nirmit says they can’t tell their family because they won’t accept them. Dimpi asks if Nirmit is on his side. Nirmit sit down mom.


Nirmit decides to run away. Anupama asks Nirmit to stay and support Dimpi. Dimpi requests Anupama to let Nirmit go. She breaks her ties with Nirmit.

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