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Anupama is discouraged when she sees Hasmukh sweeping up the mess Rakhi Rakhi made on the floor. Anupama damages Rakhi’s sandal by picking up the mop. Rakhi cries loudly that she has ruined her sandal. Despite being aware that shoes are not permitted in the Shah home, Anupama inquires as to whether she can damage their flooring. Kinjal receives her apology for damaging her mother’s sandal. It’s OK, says Kinjal. If ruining her sandal is acceptable for Rakhi, she queries. Even damaging their home, according to Kinjal, is unacceptable. Toshu is instructed by Anupama to make Kinjal sit down and scrub the floor. Why is she doing this, Leela queries. Anuj tells Hasmukh to let her do it and offers to send GK for company if he wants to perform cardio in the garden. Rakhi makes fun of Anupama for working while owning a mansion worth crores.

Anupama queries why she minimises labour, claiming that if the DIL of a wealthy family works, she ought to value labour. Rakhi makes fun of the respect Barkha showed Hasmukh and Leela at her housewarming celebration, saying she learned this from her sources. If her sources didn’t tell her how Anupama handled the problem, Kinjal queries, Rakhi inquires as to her early morning whereabouts. According to Kijal, she went to Anupama’s residence and returned just now. Hasmukh receives a cream roll from Anuj. Leela is informed by Anupama that she brought theplas. When she is still alive, Leela wonders why she brought it. She can choose to have it or not, according to Anupama.


To get everyone’s attention, Rakhi beats thali and announces that she is there to invite Shahs to Kinjal’s baby shower celebration. She is told to take a shower at Leela’s house as a joke. Goad bharai procedure, according to Rakhi, and tomorrow is the greatest muhurat for the occasion. Anupama questions how it is feasible in such a short amount of time because even preparation takes time. Again, Leela makes fun of Rakhi. Rakhi claims to have hired an event management business; all they need to do is prepare and show up to the event. She makes fun of Anupama for speaking to middle-class Shahs. Leela believes it is fortunate that Vanraj is not present since a major altercation would have ensued. About Vanraj, Rakhi enquires. He and Kavya, according to Leela, have left the station. Rakhi makes fun of Toshu by saying that his father has already left and his mother has just returned from her honeymoon. She is urged to behave by Hasmukh.


According to Anupama, everyone should agree on the ceremony since they all have a right to Kinjal. Rakhi advises everyone to simply show up at her house tomorrow at noon for the ceremony because she has already made up her mind. Leela and Anupama query her residence. If she wants it at Anupama’s residence, Rakhi enquires. Leela rejects. They will all visit Rakhi’s house tomorrow, Rakhi announces. According to Leela, the ritual takes place in the in-laws’ residence, thus it will take place here at their convenience. They start arguing. The rite will go place at the Shah residence on Rakhi’s chosen date, Anupama interrupts, because Kinjal belongs to both Maika and Sasural and they are performing it for her enjoyment. Rakhi and Baa firmly concur.


Rakhi keeps acting inappropriately and queries how Vanraj will carry out the ritual given that he is unemployed and even Toshu is a waste of space. Hearing that offends family members more. Samar enters and says he will take care of it because Mr. Shah still runs the residence. He has suddenly turned into a papa bhakt, Rakhi teases. Anuj predicts that Kinjal’s baby shower will be a magnificent event. Leela predicts they will succeed. Rakhi claims that Anupama and Anuj will pay for the event and that the Shah family will be more proud if the Kapadias attend. Leela remembers the house-warming ceremony. Kapadias will be invited, claims Rakhi. Only Anupama, Anuj, and GK, according to Leela, will attend the event. What about Barkha, Ankush, and their children, queries Rakhi. They won’t, according to Leela. Rakhi declares that it is irrelevant to her and departs, promising to return the following day at noon. On behalf of Leela, Hasmukh apologises to Anuj. It’s OK, replies Anuj. Anupama exits indignantly and approaches Leela.


Ankush works on his laptop. Ankhush is glad to see Barkha working, she says with a smile. Ankush remark that it is lovely to see her smiling. She claims that Anupama had missed 22 of Vanraj’s calls and wishes the Shahs would avoid their relatives. Ankush claims that Anuj and Anupama value harmony. According to Barkha, just as water and fire cannot combine, neither can Kapadias and Shahs. She adds that only God knows what the future holds.


Leela is called out by Anuapama for not inviting her in-laws. Why should she welcome someone who doesn’t respect others, asks Leela. Everyone makes errors, according to Anupama, so they should just go on and forget about it; otherwise, Anuj would feel horrible. She just needs to invite them once to Kinjal’s ceremony. Without Vanraj there, Leela claims she would have felt differently since she wouldn’t have seen the face of the person who treated Hasmukh with disrespect. Anupama looks in the mirror and claims that even Leela mistreated Hasmukh. She insisted Leela give her in-laws a call. If she insists on calling her in-laws, Leela forewarns that she will not extend an invitation. Anupama asserts that she will come regardless of the cost and that she would battle with her until she consents, claiming that Leela has prevented both her maika and her sasural from seeing her in the past.


Hasmukh extends an invitation to Kapadias to attend Kinjal’s baby shower. Vanraj is informed by Leela of the upcoming event. How could the ceremony take place without them, Kavya wonders. Only after Vanraj returns, according to Leela, will she conduct the ceremony.

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