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Anupama 27th August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Ankush and Barkha grovel before Anupama to express their contrition for the way they have treated her. An uptight Anupama is standing there. Anuj is responsible for removing their ability to see. Anupama implores Ankush and Barkha not to feel guilty, but she stresses the importance of preserving the natural habitat for the sake of Anuj. Both Ankush and Barkha extended their sincere apologies to Anupama and requested permission to remain in the room. According to Anupama, Anuj will be the one to make the decision. Anuj has informed Anukush and Barkha that they each have one additional task to complete.

Pakhi receives an engagement proposal from Adhik. Pakhi agress. The time that Adhik and Pakhi spend together is of a high caliber. Samar is in search of a girlfriend, and Leela is helping him find one. Hasmuk confronts Leela with the question of why she is in such a rush to get a suitable spouse for Samar. Leela explains that this is significant to her since it is the very first time that she will have the opportunity to bring the daughter-in-law that she has always wanted. She lauds Anupama’s wonderful character and behavior. Kinjal says Leela wants a girl like Anupama. Hasmuk thinks no one can be like Anupama. Leela is of the same opinion, and she adds that they will be able to anticipate more changes when Pakhi herself no longer resembles Anupama. Leela is told by Pakhi that she is hearing what is being said. Pakhi overhears Paritosh telling her that Leela is merely speaking in order to get her to hear what she has to say. Hasmuk boasts that he and his wife have the best daughter-in-laws, and he considers Anupama, Kavya, and Kinjal among those daughter-in-laws.

Leela gets stunned seeing Barkha and Ankush. Anupama confronts Anuj and inquires about the rationale behind sending Ankush and Barkha to the Shahs. Anuj believes that it is critical to ensure that Ankush and Barkha comprehend the gravity of their error; else, they will engage in such deceitful behavior in the future. Anupama advises Anuj to keep his cool and not let the situation get him down. Leela lays down the law for Barkha and Ankush by giving them a good hearinging. Vanraj inquires after Barkha and Ankush’s visit by inquiring about the cause for their presence. Both Ankush and Barkha explain to Vanraj that the reason they are in this room is to apologize.

Vanraj will not grant Barkha and Ankush an exemption from their punishment. Pakhi is under the impression that Anuj will not deport Adhik, Barkha, and Ankush to the United States of America if Vanraj will forgive Ankush and Barkha. Ankush and Barkha are asked to leave by Vanraj after he arrives at their location. Ankush claims that they had no idea that the Shahs behave impolitely toward individuals who come to seek an apology. Vanraj brings attention to the fact that Barkha and Ankush aren’t sorry from the bottom of their hearts. He requests that both of them exit the building immediately. Vanraj is cautioned by Ankush not to have a negative attitude since he never knows when Ankush might require their assistance. Vanraj claims that such a day will never come to pass. Pakhi appear to be under a great deal of stress.

Both Barkha and Ankush are upset because they feel they have been humiliated. Ankush regret listening to Barkha. Anu, Barkha and Anupama plays badminton. Anuj is unsuccessful in his attempt to hold the racket. Anupama lifts Anuj’s morale. Anuj is successful in maintaining his grip on the racket. Anupama and Anuj play with Anu joyfully. The characters Ankush and Barkha have both returned. When they saw Anupama, Anu, and Anuj hanging out together, they became rather irritated.


Anupama’s house serves as the gathering place for the Shahs and Kapadias for the festival of Ganpati. Kinjal is experiencing some discomfort due to the labor process. Anupama, Vanraj, and Samar are quick to get Kinjal to the hospital when she becomes ill.

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