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Anupama 27th June 2022 Written Episode Update on

Leela apologises to Anuj through Hasmukh. Anuj begs him not to do that and claims that Baa’s criticism of his SIL and brother, two of his few remaining relationships, made him feel horrible. Hasmukh quips that he lacks the heart necessary for forgiveness because his heart is now with Anupama. He applauds the existence of a healthy balance between good and negative thanks to individuals like Anuj and Anupama. Toshu hopes Leela and Anupama don’t get into a quarrel. With Leela, Anupama becomes insistent that she won’t go until she accepts her in-laws. Leela declares that she won’t welcome them. If she chooses not to invite them, Hasmukh says it’s okay; he will do so nevertheless. Leela says he may invite them and finish the drama that is unfinished. Drama, according to him, extended even to their relatives. Leela asserts that they both have complete freedom. As he invites Kapadias, Hasmukh ignores her and drags Anupama along. Leela claims that she will greet Kapadias in a disrespectful manner.anupama written-update

When Hasmukh sees tears in Anupama’s eyes, he tells her to stop and start working on the preparations for her DIL’s baby shower ceremony. Anupama sobs and promises to make the occasion the best in their happiness memories. Hasmukh apologises to Barkha and Ankush over video call for the incident at the party yesterday. He is urged not to apologise by Ankush. They are invited by Hasmukh to Kinjal’s baby shower celebration. Ankush consents to his request. Anuj commends Bapuji for acting so responsibly. Upon seeing that, Leela becomes furious. Anuj feels hurt, therefore Hasmukh advises Anupama to talk to him.


Leela’s missed calls are noted by Vanraj, who then calls her again. He is told by Leela that Kinjal’s baby shower is tomorrow. Why didn’t Anuj respond to Baa’s comments, Anupama wonders. Why should he get in the way of the mother and daughter, he queries. There is a lot of work going on here, so she asks if she can stay back at Shah’s place. When asked why she didn’t ask him to stay back to assist her, Anuj responds angrily. He makes some Mumbai-style jokes with him before telling him to remain at Shah House and assist her in silence. Anuj becomes frustrated when Samar calls and then hangs up. Vanraj is informed by Leela that Anupama agreed to Rakhi’s demand that the baby shower ceremony take place tomorrow. Vanraj is discouraged and claims that Bapuji completed Anupama’s ritual first. He also questions whether he has the right to conduct his grandchild’s ceremony. According to Leela, she will postpone the rite and only carry it out when he gets back.


Samar presents Anupama with his earnings for the ceremony. Hasmukh and Anupama start to cry. Also contributing is Toshu’s savings. If the muhurath is tomorrow, Vanraj requests that Leela not call off the ceremony because he would be referred to as the grandfather in any case. Samar, Toshu, Anupama, and Bapuji had an emotional conversation while deciding how to make the ceremony special. Since he feels more emotional and doesn’t want anything to be lacking from his DIL’s wedding, Vanraj informs Leela that he would arrange for the necessary funds. Samar should repair his ties with his father, Anupama advises. Samar claims that although Mr. Shah still has flaws, he is making an effort to carry out all of his duties. Leela is asked by Samar to invite everyone but Kapadias. Leela claims that despite her best efforts, she was unable to prevent Anupama and Hasmukh from inviting them.



Before the ceremony, Shahs perform a dance routine to lift Kinjal’s spirits. Managing Rakhi, Leela, and Barkha during the event causes Anupama some anxiety. If something goes wrong, they agree to humiliate Anupama as a group of 3.

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