Anupama [28th November 2022] Written Update

Anupama 28th November 2022 Written Update On

Anupama 28th November 2022

In Anupama, Leela asks Anupama to think about her family. She says she understands her fear of her. Kavya tries to convince Leela that the culprits want the same thing. She says they want her to retire. Kinjal sides with her and says that if Anupama is not a witness in the case, the culprits will never be punished. Leela tells her that they know she wants to be big but they are human.

She asks her to back off. Leela asks Hasmuk to convince her to back down. She adds that she sympathizes with Dimple but doesn’t want her involved. Hasmuk questions Leela about the matter. Leela shows the threatening note and says that because of Anupama’s greatness they will have trouble.

Anupama refuses to back down. Kinjal says her also received the threatening note. Samar asks Leela to think about Dimple. Hasmuk requests Leela not to pressure Anupama. Leela becomes adamant and asks her to back down. She refuses to listen to Leela. She decides to support Dimple at all costs.

Leela says Dimple’s husband also left her. She shows her that she believes in Lord Krishna and asks Leela to keep the faith as God will not let anything happen to them. She asks Leela to stay with her or step aside from her.

Anupama Today’s Episode Online:

Anupama requests Shahs to support her in the battle of Dimple. Samar and Hasmuk are on Anupama’s side. She  tries to get Leela to support her. Kinjal, Kavya Anupama side. Leela refuses to understand and says that she will definitely regret it later.

She refuses to argue further, saying that she won’t back down until she teaches the culprits a lesson. She becomes adamant about punishing the guilty. Kavya, Kinjal, Hasmuk and Samar join her in battling her. Leela was amazed. She warns her again to back off. She becomes adamant

Pakhi meets her friend. She too is persecuted. Pakhi’s friend asks Pakhi where she is going for honeymoon. Pakhi says Adhik kept it a secret. Anuj lifts Dimple’s spirits with her poetry. Also, she learns that a culprit has been caught. Dimple requests Anuj to inform her.

Anupama Latest new Full Episode:

Anupama’s car stops in the middle of the road. She takes the car. Leela worries for everyone’s safety. Anuj learns that  she has taken himself. He was about to chase her. Barkha stops Anuj. She is attacked by thugs.

Anuj becomes restless thinking of her. Consul Ankush Anupama. She fights with the goons. The goons threaten her. They ask her to back down otherwise she will be responsible if something bad happens to her family.


Anupama returns home. Anuj embraces Anupama.

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