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Anupama (29 June 2022) Written Episode Update on

Adhik is invited by Pakhi to Kinjal’s baby shower. He concurs and inquires as to her attire. Pink and yellow clothing, in her words. He compliments her on her clothing, which is pink and yellow. She hangs up the phone feeling happy. She is noticed by Baa, who inquires about her conversation. Pakhi calls her buddy and admonishes her impolitely to stop watching her. Leela becomes sceptical of her actions and considers keeping tabs on her. Rakhi attends the event at Shah’s residence. She is greeted by Anupama with a flower gajra. Rakhi makes her customary remark. Leela mocks her, causing her to shut up.


Irritated Rakhi commands the servants to bring gifts inside and makes comments if there are any issues. Why would they disagree with her affection for her daughter, asks Leela. Rakhi makes fun of them for becoming too forward-thinking and for accepting Kapadaias’ gifts. Shahs are hurt by this. In her devotion to her daughter, Anu advises her not to spread poison. Rakhi looks no older than 22, according to a joke made by Jignesh. Rakhi exclaims with joy that everyone believes she is Kinjal’s older sister. Women enjoy phoney compliments, claims Jignesh. Hearing that incenses Rakhi. Once more, Jignesh forgets. Samar appreciates the drama and advises Hasmukh to utilise Jignesh’s brahmastra to combat Rakhi’s arrows. Rakhi requests that Jignesh not approach her. Leela claims that she appears more nagin than female.


Upon seeing Adhik’s message, Pakhi is pleased. Rakhi makes fun of the Kapadias for not having arrived yet and claims that because they are from the groom’s family, it is evident that they are important. They’re here, says Pakhi with excitement. Anupama is informed by Leela that her in-laws would be welcomed. Rakhi believes that if the Shahs, Kapadias, and Daves lived together, there would only be entertainment. Kapadias exits the vehicle. Anupama becomes anxious as she remembers their previous altercation. She is given the all-clear by Anuj. They are greeted by Anupama with a flower gajra. Anupama leads their aarti and promises to greet Anupama’s in-laws the same way they did for her. She also teases Barkha, saying it’s a good thing she’s wearing a sari rather than a backless dress. She is being stopped by Anupama. According to Barkha, she is grown enough to know what to wear when a specific situation arises. Then Leela queries why she wore a backless gown to the ceremony at her residence. Rakhi smirks, believing that Leela is publicly embarrassing Barkha.


Kapadias is invited inside by Anupama. They are asked by Leela to remove their shoes. According to Barkha, she maintained the sari’s length for high heels. Then Leela invites them inside her modest home and instructs her to alter her sari. Anuj invites Ankush to his maika and informs him that he has three total, including Anupama’s maika, Shah House, and Kapadia House. Sara thinks Shah House is adorable. Barkha claims it is quite tiny. Leela makes fun of them, saying they don’t need guards outside the house to halt the guests or an intercom to communicate with the family members. Barkha experiences offence. Nobody will enter such little homes to take utensils, Rakhi predicts. Barkha chuckles.


Rakhi and Barkha are introduced to one another by Anupama. Samar and Hasmukh joke that they must both be believing they are meeting each other. Barkha extends a handshake to Rakhi. Adhik notices Pakhi’s smile. Anupama is anxious. Asking if she feels anxious, Hasmukh. Anupama expresses her worry about Leela, Barkha, and Rakhi living together in the same house. Hasmukh advises her to take in the occasion, not worry about the things that haven’t happened, smile and make others smile, and keep her five-page lecture prepared. Anupama gets upbeat.


Rakhi observes that given the differences between Anupama and Barkha, no one would guess that they are devrani and jetani. Anuj responds by adding that Kinjal and Rakhi are the same. Jignesh chuckles. If everyone has arrived, Anupama says we should begin the function. Everyone applauds fervently. Anuj delivers a stern warning that everyone must engage in the many games that will be played during the event. Everyone can earn relationship badges from Dolly. Rakhi teases that Anuj would take his grandfather’s badge because Vanraj is not there. Anuj claims that Vanraj is the baby’s grandfather and that Anu and Vanraj will always be the child’s grandma and grandfather.


Anupama claims that Anuj and the infant have a unique bond known as “buddy dada.” Reading Buddy daadi, Buddy bada dada, and Buddy uncle on their badges makes Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik uncomfortable. Anupama reveals that not only does Anuj have a particular connection to the infant, but so do they. Barkha becomes irate. Leela remarks If the badge had said buddy backless daadi, Barkha would have worn it with pride.


Everyone dances and enjoys themselves at Kinjal’s baby shower custom. Vanraj is made fun of by Rakhi for being replaced by Anuj at his grandchild’s ceremony. Vanraj appears irate.

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