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Anupama 2nd  December

In  Anupama, Anupama shows Shah’s house to Dimple. Dimple asks her how difficult it would have been for her to leave the house position after 26 years. She says yes. She knows Leela. Leela asks Dimple if she’s okay. Dimple nods. Leela questions her about her visit. She informs Leela that Dimple has joined her dance academy.

Leela asks if Dimple will stay with her. Dimple adds that since Anuj She is helping her, she will leave after some time. She says that her own parents have abandoned her. Pakhi comes and tells Dimple that her parents too. Dimple asks Pakhi if she is Anupama’s daughter. Pakhi says that she is Anupama’s ex-daughter. She adds that  She has no time for her own daughter, as she is interested in doing a social cause.

The ladies ask her, Leela to take care of Pakhi. They say that despite the big Pakhi family they are left alone. She and Leela give a proper reply to the ladies. Pakhi misbehaves with her. She tells Pakhi that sometimes it is necessary to teach him to listen if the child makes a mistake. Pakhi accuses her of ruining her life. She says that Adhik takes care of her. She says good for her.

Anupama Today’s Episode Online:

Anupama decides to meet Pari and Hasmuk. Leela asks Anupama not to bring Dimple to her house. She decides to see Pari and Hasmuk later. Also, she knocks on Pakhi’s door. Pakhi refuses to open the door. He disrespects Anupama by calling her aunt. Pakhi asks Anupama to take care of Anu and Dimple. She says that if she had not cared about Pakhi, then she would not have knocked on her door to find out about her whereabouts.

Pakhi refuses to open the door. She advised Pakhi not to open the door for any stranger as she did not do it for her. Also, she keeps the cake near the door and leaves. Pakhi takes the cake. Dimple feels sorry for her. The inspector informs Anuj that Dimple’s criminals belong to an influential family. He tells Anuj that due to the pressure, she might have to drop the case. Anuj is stressed.

Anupama Latest new Full Episode:

Dimple is happy to see Anupama’s dance school. Samar joins Dimple, Anupama. They encourage Dimple to start over. Later, Anuj learns that Dimple’s criminal got the early bail. He instructs Ankush and Barkha to take care of Anu and not let anyone into the house without a security check. He decides to go to her, Dimple.

Dimple’s culprit blocks Anupama and Dimple’s path. Dimple freaks out. She asks Dimple not to panic. Leela informs Shahs about the restriction on Dimple’s entry into her house.


Anupama takes Dimple to Shah’s house. Pakhi talks to Vanraj and tells him that he is an easy target for Dimple’s criminal, what if she is the next target?

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