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Anupama 2nd July 2022 Written Episode Update on

On Didi Tera Dewar Deewana, Anupama and Anuj do a dance. Shahs and Kapadias perform a song. While everyone is having fun and dancing, Adhik takes Pakhi away. Adhik and Pakhi go missing, so Anupama looks for them. Adhik informs Pakhi that he has something to share with her. Even she, says Pakhi, wants to tell him something, therefore she requests that he do so first. Adhik, who is tense, claims to have thought of many things to say but is now completely speechless. He draws her toward him while holding her hand. Anupama enters the space and takes a stock position.


When Vanraj suddenly enters, he screams indignantly, “How dare he come near his daughter!” He grabs Adhik’s collar and gives Anupama a tongue lashing, blaming her for this. He grabs Adhik and brings him in front of everyone. Everyone stands stunned. What is this, Anuj queries. How could he slap his brother, cries Barkha. How dare her brother touch his daughter, Vanraj yells, he would have crushed Adhik’s hand if he hadn’t respected their bond. He is urged to cool down by Anupama. When Vanraj witnesses a loafer caressing his sister, he wonders how he can remain cool. Hasmukh joins them and inquires as to what transpired. Kavya.


Vanraj claims that when he left the conference early and went to change in his room, he was shocked to see what the loafer was doing with his daughter. Anuj queries what occurred. According to Vanraj, Adhik was attempting to seduce Pakhi. Rakhi tries to get in the way. She is urged not to intervene by Anupama. Rakhi is seated next. Because he trusts Anupama, Anuj requests her to talk. Anupama is at a loss for words. Adhik is prompted to explain what occurred by Ankush. Adhik is asked by Vanraj if he wants to publicly reveal what he did to Pakhi. Adhik will be punished if he is in the wrong, according to Anuj, but they need first determine whether Adhik is in the wrong. Vanraj claims Adhik is mistaken.


According to Adhik, there was a lot of noise here, so he and Pakhi went into a room to talk. Anuj prevents Vanraj from grabbing him once more. If Adhik is her buddy, why did he take Pakhi to a room, Leela wonders. Adhik claims to be. If a boy asks a girl for her phone number, according to Vanraj, her father will leave a footprint on her cheek. Adhik reiterates that Vanraj misunderstood him when he led Pakhi into a room so they could chat. Leela queries whether he was unable to speak in front of everyone. When Pakhi intervenes and informs him that he accompanied Adhik at Adhik’s request, Vanraj stops fighting with Ankush and Anuj. Toshu requests that she cease since she is ignorant and naive. If a boy and girl can’t be friends like Vanraj and Kavya, Pakhi queries.


Vanraj cautions Adhik not to meet Pakhi ever again. Pakhi, according to Adhik, wants to meet. Pakhi affirms her desire and assures Vanraj that she is not under his control.

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