Anupama [30th August 2022] Written Update

Anupama 30th August 2022 Written UpdateOn

The episode start with:

Vanraj brings his entire family with him when they go to see Anupama at her home. Adhik, Barkha and Ankush make a route for Shahs. Anuj and Anupama extend a warm welcome to the members of the family. The ritual, known as a puja, is initiated by Anupama. Hasmuk expresses his gratitude to God for bringing the Shahs and the Kapadia together. Anupama decide to perform aarti. Paritosh gets a call from Sanjana. He makes the decision to pay her a visit. Paritosh is questioned by Kinjal over the recent events. According to what Paritosh has told us, he just received a phone call from a multinational organisation informing him that he is required to travel to Mumbai for the next two days. He goes on to say that he has been looking for work at this particular company for a considerable amount of time. Vanraj is interested in knowing the name of the business. Paritosh has informed him that after everything has been resolved, he will provide further information to him at that time. Anupama inquires of Paritosh regarding the possibility of delaying the appointment. Paritosh says no. Kinjal hopes that Paritosh will have success in everything he does. There are times when she becomes agitated. Kavya and Anupama console Kinjal.

Anu requests that Anupama begin the puja as her environmentally conscious Lord Ganesh is currently awaiting its commencement. Leela has a question concerning whether or not Lord Ganesh is environmentally friendly. Anuj provides some background information on eco-friendly idol. Anupama and Shahs pray to God. Anupama begs Anuj to allow Ankush and Barkha to participate in the puja as well, but Anuj refuses. Kinjal is experiencing some discomfort due to the labour process. Concerns have been expressed by the Shahs over Kinjal. Kinjal extends an invitation to Anupama to accompany her in her travels. Vanraj and Anupama are the ones responsible for taking care of Kinjal. Anuj urges the Shahs to not waste any more time and to take Kinjal to the hospital as soon as possible. According to Kavya, Kinjal is going into labour. Kinjal is given immediate medical attention after being taken to the hospital.

Anu inquires about Kinjal’s well-being to GK over what has transpired. Anu is informed by GK that the impending birth of Kinjal’s child is the reason why Kinjal is experiencing discomfort. Anu begins to feel thrilled about the upcoming child. GK inquires after Anuj’s state of mind by inquiring why he appears agitated. Because he is apart from Anupama, Anuj is experiencing feelings of uneasiness. He sends up prayers that Kinjal and Shah are successful in whatever they do. Kinjal is transported to the hospital by Vanraj. Kinjal extends an invitation to Anupama to accompany her in her travels. Kinjal is asked by Anupama to calm down and not worry about anything.

Samar is given the request by Vanraj to establish communication with Paritosh. Samar reveals that there is no way to communicate with Paritosh. Kinjal strongly encourages Anupama to accompany her to the OT meeting. Leela and Vanraj make the request to Anupama that she accompany Kinjal. Vanraj gets restless. Leela tells Vanraj that he should not be concerned about anything. Anuj calls Vanraj. He tries to reassure him that Anupama is safe and sound with Kinjal and asks him not to worry about her. Anuj feels bad that they weren’t able to spend time together with Anupama. Anupama boosts Kinjal’s morale.

The doctor tells Kinjal to put some pressure on the button. Kinjal falls unconscious. Anupama is advised by the doctor to have a caesarean section because a natural delivery of Kinjal’s baby is impossible and she should thus prepare for the procedure. The conversation continued with Anupama and the Shahs. Leela opposed C-section. Anupama and Vanraj are successful in persuading Leela to have a caesarean section so that Kinjal can be delivered. Anuj was provided with an update by Vanraj regarding the status of Kinjal. Kijal undergoes procedure.

The Shahs are informed of the positive development by Anupama. Kinjal deliver a baby daughter. The news is met with jubilation among the Shahs.


Anupama has nothing but adoration for the young child. Anuj receives a video call from Vanraj and Anupama during which they express their joy. Anuj feels upset witnessing Vanraj putting his hand on Anupama.

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