Anupama [31st August 2022] Written Update

Anupama 31st August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Anupama inquires of Samar on the whereabouts of Paritosh to determine if he has returned. Samar relays the information to Paritosh that they are unable to be reached. Vanraj begs Anupama to share good news to Anuj too. Leela is quite enthusiastic about the prospect of being a great grandmother. After hearing the news that Kinjal is going to have a baby, Anuj and Anu feel a sense of joy. Anu insists that Anupama demonstrate how to hold the infant in front of her. Anupama assures Anu. Anu makes the decision to express their gratitude to Lord Ganesha. Anuj inquires after Anupama’s well-being by asking whether or not she is content. Anupama assures Anuj that she is in excellent health and is really content at the moment. Leela approaches Vanraj with a question, inquiring as to whether or not he possesses any spare coin that she might give to the people working at the hospital. Anupama came. Leela and Pakhi inquire of Anupama regarding the baby. The story of Anupama’s first encounter with Kinjal’s child is one that she shares with the Shahs. She expresses gratitude to Kinjal’s offspring for giving her the opportunity to become a grandma.

Vanraj tells Anupama that he is envious of her for having seen the kid before him. Anupama had seen the infant before Vanraj. Anupama asks Vanraj to keep getting jealous. Shahs laugh. The physician has just arrived and informed Kinjal that she is in good health. Leela inquires of the doctor as to when they will be able to meet the newborn. According to the doctor, sometime in the future. She extols the virtues of Anupama, praising her for her role in bolstering not only Kinjal but also the team. Anupama was able to take things extremely well, whereas Doctor inform Kinjal was too afraid. Vanraj and Leela thanks Anupama. Anupama requests that Shahs stop thanking her for anything because Kinjal is her daughter and she didn’t do anything to deserve the gratitude.

Anuj feed sweet to Anu. The arrival of Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik Anuj invites Barkha and Anukush to have some sweets and then shares information about Kinjal’s unborn child. Adhik is grateful to Anuj for allowing them to stay at his place while they were travelling. According to Anuj, he has granted them permission to stay for the time being. Anuj overhears Barkha telling Anupama that she will administer his medication on her behalf while she is occupied. Anuj asserts that Anupama is aware of the fact that GK is present with him. It has been brought to his attention by Anupama that he needs to take his medication. When she loses her cool, Barkha is outraged. Anuj claims that Anupama has excellent memory and never forgets anything.

Both Vanraj and Anupama look at the newborn infant. Anupama reveals the newborn child to Anuj, Anu, and GK before calling them all. Vanraj confides in Anuj that after becoming a grandfather, he has found a newfound sense of contentment in life. He maintains a steady grip on Anupama by placing his hand on her shoulder. Anuj gets uneasy. Vanraj expresses his regret to Anuj, saying that he wishes he could have been there with them when they were admitted to the hospital. Anuj sit upset. Anupama along with Shahs meet Kinjal. They share the news of the newborn child with Kinjal.

Leela, Anupama, Hasmuk, Vanraj, Samar, and Pakhi all express their gratitude to Kinjal for providing them with such a sweet child. Kinjal approaches Anupama about Paritosh. Anupama claims that Paritosh had no idea what was going on, but she anticipates his return in the near future. The infant is being brought to you by the nurse. When the Shahs see the baby, they get extremely excited. When cradling the baby, Vanraj’s emotions start to get the better of him. Anupama and Leela have asked Vanraj to quit letting his emotions get the better of him. Kinjal asserts that Paritosh is failing to seize the opportunity before him. Anupama console Kinjal. Kinjal explains that she is aware that Paritosh is absent from the house since he is working. Leela inquires of Anupama regarding the administration of elixir to the infant. Anupama gets happy.


Rakhi finally gets to meet the baby, and her reaction is very emotional. Concerned about Paritosh, she makes some inquiries. Rakhi is questioned by Anupama to determine whether or not she is aware of Paritosh. The tears that Rakhi sheds

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