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The Episode Start With:

Hasmuk probes Anupama to find out what’s on her mind in the episode airing today. Hasmuk was informed by Anupama that Rakhi is keeping something a secret. Hasmuk replies that he came to the same conclusion, but that they ought to keep quiet until she makes her statement. According to Anupama, the fact that Rakhi is unable to tell is a major cause for concern. Hasmuk tells Anupama to quit letting Rakhi stress her out and wants her to stop worrying about him. He instructs Anupama to check on Anu and Anuj at their house and requests that she return home. Anupama claims GK is with Anu and Anuj. She makes the decision to return at a later time. According to Hasmuk, a woman can take on many different shapes. And everybody should have one. One desires a daughter, a wife, and a mother, but they forget that a woman is an individual who can only have one. Anupama mentions that grandma is included in addition to all forms. Joy fills her heart. Hasmuk shares the news about Leela’s apologies with Anupama. He claims that she treated a physician with contempt and explains that medical professionals are on par with gods. Hasmuk and Anupama share the same opinion.
Since Hasmuk is now a great grandfather, he wants Anupama to make him a cream roll to celebrate the occasion. Hasmuk is approached by Anupama who requests that she too receive one. Anuj and Anu calls Anupama. Anupama inquires after Anuj and Anu’s dinner plans by inquiring about the meal. Both Anu and Anuj have confirmed that they are on alert. Anupama questions why Anu is having guard. Because Anuj is currently experiencing, Anu explains. Paritosh stops Anuj while he is attempting to have a conversation with Anupama. Anuj gets anxious. Barkha and Ankush have made the decision to assist Anuj. Anuj are unwilling to accept their assistance. Barkha and Ankush have come to the conclusion that they will not give up till Anuj comprehends what they are saying.

The staff at the hospital requests that the Shahs depart because the visiting hour has come to an end. She requests that only one person be allowed to remain behind. The decision was made by Paritosh to stay with Kinjal and the baby. Rakhi then speaks out and declares that Paritosh would not be staying behind. Shahs are standing there bewildered. Rakhi explains that Kinjal would benefit from having a woman nearby. She makes the decision to not go. According to Leela, Rakhi won’t leave anything to chance when it comes to taking care of Kinjal. Shahs decide to depart.

Vanraj tells Anupama that they are going to ditch her as a member of the team. Anupama urges Shahs to go back and says she would arrange to depart. It was decided that Paritosh would remain behind with Kinjal and the baby for some time. Paritosh is prevented from meeting Kinjal and their child by Rakhi. She had a confrontation with Paritosh regarding the fact that he brought a girl to the hotel. Rakhi is misinterpreting what Paritosh is saying to her, so he attempts to clarify it to her.
When Rakhi finds out that Paritosh has cheated on Kinjal, she loses her temper with him. She draws parallels between Paritosh and Vanraj. Anupama makes a second trip to the hospital in order to retrieve her lost mobile phone. Rakhi confronts Paritosh about cheating on Kinjal and gives him a lecture. Rakhi hears from Paritosh that since Kinjal was pregnant, their brief affair with another girl was nothing more than a flirtation. Rakhi’s rage for Paritosh only grew stronger. She issues a warning to Paritosh.


Hasmuk and Leela have a conversation over Rakhi’s decision to bring Kinjal to her home, and the conversation leads up to the previous scene. Anupama challenges Paritosh to take an oath on her behalf and be truthful.

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